Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Just the newscasters and me.


City Creek Mall (a shopping center)

Where consuming is believing...



A long time ago, despite SLC's Mormon origins, Main Street was nicknamed Whiskey Street due to its bars and boozers.

This bar, which prides itself on shelving every whiskey, bourbon and rye ever distilled, celebrates this street's heritage.

A shot of EH Taylor small batch with a couple cubes will do nicely. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019



I have a fierce hankering to see as many foliage colors as possible; to feel the autumn chill bracing against my skin.

Northern Utah looks the place, throw in a few indigenous aromas and flavors, sights and sounds.

Salt Lake City

Room with a view


iPhone 11, portrait mode

Was supposed to be a Chihuahua.

Clearly, part raccoon, part weasel.

Monday, October 21, 2019



It was nighttime around me, the wee hours, I think;
nature had called, so I'd left my warm bed.

An alien being popped out of my toilet,
a big-eyed bald midget, the color of lead.

"Don't call your dad, he'll say it's a dream,"
said the alien to me, "things are what they seem.
I've come a long way," he continued to say,
"it took me three years, five months and a day.

"I'm space-lagged, hung-over, and now dripping wet,"said the alien to me, "but I'm so glad we've met!"

I was too numb to shout, I was too shocked to run.
"It's time," said the alien, "time to have fun!"

He jumped from the toilet and ran out the door,
leaving puddles of water all over the floor.

Out into the hallway, and down fourteen stairs,
this fast little creature seemed free of all cares.

"C'mon down here," he hollered, looking straight up at me, "what I need most right now is a mug of hot tea!"

I followed down to the kitchen, set kettle to boil,
as my new friend, the alien, ate aluminum foil.

He drank the hot tea, threw it down in one swallow,
then motioned to me, as he walked, I should follow.

Out into the yard, a night sky full of stars,
the Big Dipper, a half-moon, plus Venus and Mars.

The alien looked up, he oohed and he aahed,
he said, "This is fantastic... if a trifle bit odd."

He seemed quite confused, as if in a trance,
then he twirled around twice, as if trying to dance.

"I thought Earth had four moons, and a night sky of green," said the alien, befuddled, "it's the first time I've been. I need a vacation, and that's part why I'm here, some fun and adventure—and maybe a beer.

"Let's throw a party, catch a few rays,
I haven't got long, just a couple of days.

“But I do have a mission, traveling all the way here,
To learn about something you earthlings call fear.
If you assist with my quest, you dear little boy,
at the end of my visit I'll give you a toy."

"My fear," I said slowly, "is a bully named Rick.
I fear him so bad, my stomach gets sick."

"But why," said the alien, "what makes you afraid?"
"You kidding?" said I, "it's tough in fourth grade.

"What with homework, and fifth-graders calling us names, and a bully named Rick always spoiling our games, I spend half my day staying out of harm's way, Rick calls me 'that dork-face who’s probably gay'."

"But why?" asked the alien. "What will he gain,
by embarrassing you and causing you pain?"

"You'd have to ask Rick," said I with a smirk,
"but he'll probably just call you a bald midget jerk."

"Will I feel some fear?" said the alien, eyes wide,
feeling close to his goal after such a long ride.

"Rick will make you so fearful, you'd rather be dead." I then said goodnight, and returned to my bed.

The alien was gone, when I awakened next day,
and I trudged off to school, feeling less than okay,
'cos I knew Rick would be waiting, with plenty to say.

And there he was -- Rick! -- with my alien friend!
Oh my God, my heart stopped, this is the end!

I felt so much fear, I thought I would cry,
No, the fear was much worse, I was going to die.

"Confront your fear!" yelled the alien to me,
"the worst thing to do is turn round and flee."

So I stood there, I did, my eyes looking at Rick,
wondering what he'd do first:  hit, spit or kick.

I kept staring for hours, without making a sound,
the silence was eerie as I firmly stood ground.

As for what happened next, it still makes no sense,
my fear was all gone, I felt serene, not tense.

Then Rick finally blinked, he went his own way,
the alien winked, said, "It's a wonderful day.

"If we only stop fearing, the things that we fear,
they'll haunt us no more, and they’ll just disappear."

Just as he promised, a gift he did give me,
not a toy, but a lesson, which now set me free.

From that day on forward, I feared nothing at all.
I walked and I talked as if seven feet tall.


Sunday, October 20, 2019

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Seventy-seven years ago today, in New Rochelle, New York, Mighty Mouse was born.

Sunday, October 13, 2019


The October moon, autumn has arrived so soon, singing it's pretty tune,

As the leaves fall.

Saturday, October 5, 2019


Got everything I wanted for my birthday:


Shed 12 pounds in 39 days, scaling in at 158.

Good friends and family around the same table this evening.

Friday, October 4, 2019


In a world where animals are bred in cruel conditions, abused, and slaughtered for food, it is refreshing to come across a farm that rescues and cares for miniature donkeys, mules,sheep, goats, pigs, turkeys, chickens and ducks, all of which live harmoniously in a natural setting.

Monday, September 30, 2019


Another amazing morning.

Autumn is in the air, feeling the music everywhere.

Friday, September 27, 2019


As is the case with most indigenous tribal cultures around the world, Native Americans were (are) possessed of a wisdom and spirituality far surpassing the organized religions forced upon them.

It is heartening that societies everywhere are rediscovering, and adopting, the rich beliefs of those. who occupied lands (now owned, because they did not believe in ownership) later "settled" by those less respectful of nature.

Hammond's Meadow, Sacred Chumash Ceremonial Site

This gal used to live in the nature preserve south of Casa Dorinda off Olive Mill Road.

Glad to see she survived the mudslide and found a new home by the beach.

Monday, September 23, 2019


Today's autumn equinox marks eleven years since my father crossed over; a passage of time best symbolized by the timepiece he spontaneously handed me on my 24th birthday after having worn it for thirty years.

My love of wristwatches stemmed from this Benrus Citation on my father's wrist.

Although I’ve collected some mighty fine watches since, my father’s vintage timepiece is the only one that consistently tells the truth.

Another thing about timing: 

It is poetic that my father passed on St. Pio Feast Day, the very day that Padre Pio passed in 1968.

My father’s mysterious connection to Pio, known as The Intercessionist, made him spiritual, happier and more at peace with himself than he'd ever been through his life. 

He painted a number of portraits of Padre Pio, some of which led to the healing of others.