Thursday, February 27, 2014


The world is never ordinary, not these days, not ever before.  (And getting more extraordinary all the time.)

But all good storytelling begins by showing the Hero in his (or her) ordinary world.

In our story, which shall unfold on this blog, the Hero is a cow.

Presently, therefore, we will show The Cow in its natural habitat.

But first, the genesis of our concept:

CoW was borne out of our decision not to join a very expensive and exclusive private beach club.


We could either ensconce ourselves in a secure cocoon...

...or create a traveling fellowship of like-minded adventurers, beneath our own rolling roof.

On the basis that people only come alive outside their comfort zone, we knew precisely where to put our money, and our free spirit:

The CoW, or...  Clubhouse on Wheels.