Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Mark Twain transplanted his party to a suite in the six-story, six-hundred-room Langham Hotel on Regent Street at Oxford Circus, where he had stayed during his first visit.  The palatial Georgian hostelry, completed in 1865 as the first European "grand" hotel, proclaimed itself the largest building in London.  All of this suited Mark Twain, whose callers now included Robert Browning, various Cabinet members, playwrights, and authors.

-- Mark Twain:  A Life by Ron Powers

London's Langham Hotel has been visited by several literary greats, including Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle.

It has also reportedly been frequented by a number of ghosts.

The most common sighting is of a man in Victorian evening wear in Room 333, who apparently appears only in October.

It is also believed that Napoleon III, another former guest, haunts the basement of the hotel.

The world's most haunted hotels - Telegraph