Thursday, July 16, 2015


Bombay Beach has a community center called Bombay Beach Community Center.

No one from the community was there when I arrived to say hey.

Bombay Beach also has a Baptist Church.

No one was there, either.

So much for hey.

My favorite place to socialize is a bar.

Bombay Beach has a bar, just one, called Ski Inn.

The reason this bar is called Ski Inn is because, once upon a time, customers could water-ski right up to the bar.

Nobody water-skis up to Ski Inn anymore.

The reason no one water-skis up to Ski Inn anymore is because they can't. 

These days, they would have to leave their water-skis about a half-mile away and walk the rest.

And if they got wet while water-skiing, they would probably be on their way to Calexico Hospital, not to Ski Inn. 

Bombay Beach is about what happens without water.  

And also what happens when water goes bad.

Ski Inn

A few people were around at Ski Inn. 

I got to say hey.