Tuesday, October 6, 2015


By morning, I am in the groove of vacation mind-numb, throw in a little adventure come nightfall:  Ghost-hunting with the grandsons.

Ry Guy, The Dude, and I begin at the exterior steps where Beautiful Stranger, who has haunted the Del for over a century, shot herself in the head.

The official story is that her name was Kate Morgan, and she is buried as such in a nearby cemetery.
But her real name was Lizzie Wyllie. 

Pregnant and despondent, Lizzie tried to abort the fetus by taking poisonous meds, which left her less and less well each of the five days she spent at the hotel.  

And then she was out of money, too—though just hours after she killed herself funds arrived from out-of-state.

Next we aim ourselves toward Room 3327, where Lizzie stayed, and where—it is is reported—her ghost manifests itself, usually as an impression on the bed cover, which supposedly reforms after being smoothed.

“Repeat after me boys:  We are not scared of ghosts.  Ghosts are afraid of us!

And thus we tackle Room 3327, for a thrill and photo op.  

Their reward should have been an ice cream cone...

...but when we appear at Moo Time Creamery, it closes on us.