Monday, January 11, 2016


While in Bisbee I found a cross crafted locally from spoon handles, engraved at the top end with George Washington's likeness and intersected with a polished stone organically marbleized with a cross.

Sitting at Zuzu, the Valley Ho bar in Old Town Scottsdale, I placed this cross on my iPhone in an attempt to shield the stressful vibe it sometimes conveys.

Didn't really work.  

Right around this exact time, my elder daughter watched helplessly, and in horror, as a man on the train tracks in Summerland walked smack into an oncoming train.

Soon after, driving home, anguished, she was astonished to see an Angel Of Death in the clouds, and snapped a pic of it with her iPhone, which she immediately sent me by text.

Tired and emotional after four solid days on the road and much less sleep than usual, I felt so overwhelmed with grief, I couldn't even mention it to my road-trip companions.