Monday, January 18, 2016


Come morning, sunshine glistens upon the snow, and a buffet of coffee and scrambled eggs and bacon is available to break the fast between eight and nine o’clock, so we all tuck in before I hit the streets to scavenge for mementoes.

Van Stein hasn’t changed clothes, nor brushed his teeth, because all his gear got locked overnight in the CoW, now frozen and caked with snow, so he retrieves his gear and showers, having been up since six a.m. sketching at Bisbee Coffee Co. at Copper Queen Plaza, near the old Copper Queen Hotel, reputedly haunted and where John Wayne and Lee Marvin would stay when filming Westerns in the area and from which, tanked up at night, would piss down from the roof. 

The shops are late to open—those that bother to open at all—their owners shoveling slush and snow to clear the pavement and entryways.

At John Thamm’s gallery I purchase a small oil painting of a local scene...

...and at another shop nearby I find a cross locally made of spoon handles, a likeness of George Washington at the top, intersected with a purple pebble marbleized with a cross of its own, rendering it a double-cross.