Friday, January 15, 2016


Our first destination is Tombstone, a Wild West town remembered best for Wyatt Earp and the OK Corral.  

Too tough to die (Tombstone’s motto), this town survived when mining didn’t, by building and perpetuating their legend and conducting daily reenactments of their most famous shootout.

Van Stein, ever the history buff, is in his element, crouching for photos of the re-enactors and marveling at the authenticity of this well-preserved historical landmark.

We are baited and lured into Kate’s Big Nose Saloon, which, upon entering, feels like I’ve traveled through a time warp into an episode of Gunsmoke.  (Dodge City, Kansas or Tombstone, Arizona—it was all the same to Deputy Marshal Earp, and I probably wouldn’t know the difference.)

The only libation to order in a saloon like this is Basil Hayden whiskey.  Neat.  Period.  

And that’s what we drink over a shared order of spicy Buffalo wings at the bar.

Across the street, I spring for a black homburg, and Van Stein decides to set up shop and paint the OK Corral.