Monday, April 25, 2016


Sacred Vibuthi

In the early 1990’s I took a trip to India, to visit the Ashram and experience the presence of the Avatar Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba. 

One of the miracles I witnessed is his ability to manifest Vibuthi out of his hands. 

Vibuthi is a sacred ash which I am convinced helps to heal, transcend, and purify the soul.

I’ve since become aware that in the 1990’s Sai Baba’s Vibuthi was analyzed by a team of Russian scientists, and in their findings they could only conclude it appears to be made from a form of plant life, but one that hasn’t been discovered yet on this earth. 

Knowing I was going into a place on the planet that is associated with darker/negative vibrations, I grabbed my one and only bag of Vibuthi, one that I brought back from this journey. 

Climbing into the Canyon alone I set up my painting gear and lit an abalone shell full of sage, right in the space outside the gate. 

I also surrounded myself with burning Nag Champa, (Satya Sai Baba’s) incense, one in each direction of the four corners. 

The last thing I wanted was to be surprised by ANYTHING seen or unseen, while I was painting. 

At the end of my painting process and alone in the dark, I gathered up my painting gear, grabbed  my bag of Vibuthi and approached the entrance to the cave. 

I opened the bag, and scattered the Vibuthi  all over the ground at the base of the portal.

Walking away from the Devil’s gate it the darkness, and through the shrubs of the Arroyo Seco I peered back over my shoulder to view the Rock formation now barely visible. 

This portal has mystified and intrigued many throughout the centuries, terrifying some, empowering others.