Monday, May 30, 2016


No American should be willing to risk his or her life for this country unless the politicians and generals that want a war lead troops into battle. 

If we truly need to eradicate a serious enemy that threatens our existence, well, that's why we invented certain weapons 70 years ago, to save American lives.  Solve the problem quick and decisively, without loss to America's sons and daughters. And only if absolutely necessary.

Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iran... The blood shed by America's young adults was based on lies and deception, resulting only in enriching certain business and banking sectors that leech off human sacrifice.

Don't allow a sentimental holiday to sway you from the ugliness of war; from the reality of those who make war happen and why they do it. 

Something I wrote when I was a teen: 

His mind is warped
His body bent
War meant more than he thought it meant.