Wednesday, May 4, 2016


My road trip novel Motional Blur, to be published this autumn by Skyhorse Publishing, is based on an actual road trip I took in June 2013.

I wrote this about my trip at the time:

The COW had its first (5,000-mile) service and many weeks passed while I pored over maps for a cross-country trek.  

The challenge was to pinpoint a route that would set the framework for my novel.

Inspired by a special exhibition at The Autry Museum on Route 66, to which I rolled with my friend Andrew, I conceived a route that would join the famed highway in Barstow and follow it across Oklahoma to Missouri, where I’d break east to Indiana, Ohio, and beyond.

This was my plan, with Andrew along to help with the driving… until the day before departure when  
I suddenly realized that the setting of my novel did not necessarily have to be cross-country, nor be romanticized by Route 66.  

It would be better to avoid such clich├ęs and create my own path: a setting that might better compliment the plot of the story, about which I had been scribbling meticulous notes for several months.

So I flushed my pre-conceived ideas away and changed direction:  

North, not east, and a route that would cover some of the most stunning scenery in the USA, instead of it’s most barren and bleak.