Thursday, January 11, 2018


When I got into bed on Monday, January 8, I saw this image on my ceiling.

It seemed so out of place; I looked around to find a source of projection or reflection, something to somehow explain it, but could find nothing, so I got out of bed, found my camera, and snapped a few pics.

I completely forgot about the image until I purchased a new Mac laptop today and, as part of cranking it up, uploaded the last pics from my camera.

Barely six hours after I snapped this photo, an avalanche of water and mud struck Montecito from the mountains above and devastated my neighborhood.  

It is miraculous, having endured the full experience, that my family members and I (plus two pets) survived this catastrophic natural disaster.

Our hearts go out to the friends and neighbors who tragically lost their lives.

And to the awesome emergency crews that selflessly and oh so professionally worked all out, in the most difficult conditions, to rescue so many.

We are safe thanks to them, and humbled by the compassion shown to us by friends near and far.

Treasure every day, every moment, and everyone around you.  We are all connected.