Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Aboard Concorde to Paris, mid-1990s

Clair George, a legendary CIA spymaster, once told me (over bacon-cheeseburgers at Martin's Tavern in Georgetown), "Insider Washington always wins."

(By Insider Washington, Clair was referring to what media pundits call Deep State.)

In that instance (early 2005), Clair forecast the imminent termination of Porter Goss as CIA Director.

Insider Washington wanted Goss out.  

And Insider Washington succeeded.  (Goss and his Goss-lings were simply too disruptive to the status quo.)

(This was bad news for me as I had taken Prince Albert of Monaco to CIA headquarters to meet with Goss; the director had consequently pledged to assist the Prince in our efforts to thwart an influx of dirty money from Russians into Monaco.)

The same concept, Insider Washington always wins, could also be applied to Richard Nixon (early on, before paranoia took him to Watergate).

And now Donald Trump.

Try as he may to take revenge on his own intelligence services by embracing America's enemies, Trump will ultimately succumb to Insider Washington.