Saturday, August 18, 2018


Godbold, Marfa, Texas
Oil-on-board, 8 x 10

Available through online gallery:

From Surreal Bounce (Earthshine Editions), 2009:

We cruise Marfa's residential streets, built on a grid.  

The natives are big on trailers and mobile homes, especially shiny vintage Airstreams.  And Godbold Mill... a damn sight more interesting than Donald Judd's crates or boxes or cubes or whatever the hell they're supposed to be.  Also, Godbold has function:  It processes something useful to people.

Old Godbold represents the difference between natives and New Marfans.

The natives are naturally minimalist; the new crowd contrives minimalism, desperate to install themselves; install being the hip new keyword.

Design an art installation, around which to de-install themselves from New York and install themselves (at least for posturing purposes) in a small west Texas town.

Who cares?  The locals don't.  They're just grateful to unload decrepit houses for a hundred grand; houses they used to board up and abandon.

Van Stein has a thing about making ugly structures look beautiful.

"I'm gonna paint that," he says.

And he does.