Sunday, August 19, 2018


Midnight on the Homer Spit
Oil-on-board 8 x 12
January 2008


Available through online art gallery:

From Surreal Bounce (Earthshine Editions, 2009):

After dinner we head to Duggan's for draft bitter.  Exiting, Van Stein cannot resist spinning an old propeller near the door, which rings a bell, causing a character named Digger to dash up from the pool table, hooting.    

"That means you buy everyone a drink!" he hollers at the artist.  "I've been waiting all night for somebody to do that!"

Diggers gets his beer and we move on to Downey's, "Homer Red" beer and Neil Young crooning Harvest Moon from a vintage jukebox while Dex, a local dude in a boonie hat, plays pool with his imaginary friend.

A guy down the bar throws back Schnapps, offering shots to anyone who wants to join him.

The manager evicts us at midnight.

A pan to revisit a saloon called Kharacters is sidetracked by the big starry sky, Big Dipper- prominent.

"I'm going for my paints," says Van Stein.

Back on the Spit, he reels in the stars while killer whales offshore converse in whistles and squeals.