Sunday, August 19, 2018


Geysir, Iceland
January 2002
Oil-on-board 8 x 12

Available from online gallery:

From Surreal Bounce (Earthshine Editions, 2009):

At seven o'clock Van Stein and Erik the Red trudge in from the cold; Floater and I are lurking in the lobby of Hotel Holt.  Erik shakes his head.  "You have no idea what we've been through today."  He says this with a Scotch accent thicker than usual because his tongue is 80 percent frozen.  The artist looks as if he's been plugged into an electrical substation.  His face is freeze-burned, hair frizzled. eyes ablaze with madness.  He cannot speak.

Kristjan the Guide nods.  The King of Hardy himself is impressed by Van Stein's indifference to the elements in his quest to capture nature at its most absurd.

One hour later we launch on foot to a Reykjavik seafood restaurant called Vid Tjornina.

"I got kissed by the devil today," whoops Van Stein, warming to the candlelight on our table.

Erik the Red explains:  While Van Stein painted a geyser in sub-frozen conditions, the damn thing changed direction and slapped him hard before freezing to ice.  Talk about wind chill.  "It was the biggest blow of the day," says Erik.

"In other words," I say, "Thomas made a pass at a hot hole and got geyser-whacked?"

"No."  Van Stein stiffens.  "I tried to paint the devil, and he blew me a kiss, from the abyss."

"Wait until you discover you're pregnant," I say.