Monday, October 15, 2018


No one's destination of choice.

The two things you need to know about King City:

1.  Slow down.  For whatever reason, the CHP have it covered better than a Moslem gal in a burka.

2.  No matter how hungry you are, do not ramp off for the local cuisine.  (This town should be called Fast Food City.)

A few years back, I was driving a VW GTI about 90 mph approaching King City.  Mr. Oink, cruising the other direction, did a double-take and (I could see this in my rearview mirror) braked for a U-turn.  

I ramped it up to 100 mph and, at the first exit, zipped off, around the corner into a strip mall, plunked myself into the local Subway, bye-bye oink-ster.  But a ticket would have been better than the sandwich I got served.