Friday, November 16, 2018


Bernard Squarcini:  Under investigation for corruption

It does not surprise me that Bernard Squarcini, Director of DCRI (French Intelligence) while Sarkozy was president, is now under investigation in a widening scandal rooted in Monaco.

The French press is reporting that Squarcini's home in Paris was just raided and  searched by police.

It was Squarcini who tried to disrupt our anti-corruption campaign in Monaco by telling the intelligence services of European countries that I was working not for Prince Albert but for the CIA.

As I wrote a few years years ago...

              I planned an October sweep through Paris, Monaco, and Luxembourg, for a Columbus Group meeting, where I wanted to meet with our micro-Europe liaison partners and gently close the doors they had so kindly opened. 
              However, my friends in Luxembourg became nervous and cancelled Columbus after President Sarkozy’s new DST chief, Bernard Squarcini, told the Luxembourg chief Marco M that I was “CIA station chief in Monaco.” 

              This was how the French finally chose to discredit me.  Not very original, but calculated to ensure our liaison partners would become wary of working with me.  Tragic it should have this disastrous effect on so fabulous a creation as Columbus—but perhaps that is what the French had striven to achieve.