Friday, December 7, 2018


After years of neglect, the City of Santa Barbara has finally returned Christmas decorations to Coast Village Road (CVR) in Montecito.

A half-century ago, the City was able to annex Montecito's main thoroughfare, which means Santa Barbara collects business and property tax from the shops, restaurants and condominiums of CVR. 

However, the City returns but a fraction of the booty it collects to maintain and improve CVR.

Instead, Santa Barbara prefers to spend its revenues on expanding local government, whose employees dream up new restrictions and taxes on small business owners and on enforcement of ridiculous infractions that cause business owners to pack up and leave.

Consequently, almost a third of State Street in downtown Santa Barbara is boarded up and derelict, while the ever-increasing number of derelicts downtown are allowed to soil every bench on the main drag and to urinate on sidewalks and buildings in plain sight of children.

Santa Barbara city administrators and those who sit on Santa Barbara's City Council have much to be ashamed about this Christmas.  

But at least they gave Montecito a decorated tree.