Saturday, December 1, 2018


In Memory of Baby Skye

"My precious baby was brutally killed on November 22nd, 2018, and I need to get justice! 
I need to pay two autopsies, the cremation and an eventual burial, and I need a lawyer to press charges against all parties involved who murdered my precious baby, I have no more income and no financial aid from any government since Monaco intentionally destroyed all my work! Baby Skye slowly froze to death and died for sure from a big heartache as well! Baby Skye was hiding under my bed when I got violently kidnapped on November 16th. ( I am a victim of corrupt Philippe Narmino and Monaco's dangerous mafia!)  It was so violent that she got so afraid that she was hiding! And afterwards she was violently murdered. I want justice for my precious dog! Please help to get justice, I have to finances! If you have any questions, don t hesitate to contact me! Thank you."