Thursday, January 10, 2019


Even in churches, Povey stained glass celebrates the spirit-force that is nature.

Reputed to be "Tiffany of the Northwest," Povey Brothers stained glass can be found throughout Portland.

Afterwards, to see more Povey stained glass, I strolled to First Christian Church, but could not get inside because it was locked up tight.

So I paused to assess a series of stained glass windows just below eye level, from outside, and though it didn't seem worth taking photos, I snapped just one, a close-up of a shepherd in the larger mosaic.

After arriving home, I uploaded the photos of Povey stained glass from my camera to my laptop, including the pic from First Christian...

This photo inexplicably depicts a  clear-as-day traditional Christ-like image (and, no, it is not photo-shopped, a program I don't possess and never use). 

Had it been there and I missed seeing it?  

I am certain not.  It was a blank orange piece within the leaded mosaic.