Saturday, May 11, 2019


Reiner Edmund Schmegner

This was Reiner Schmegner's admission during a recent copyright infringement case (which he lost): 

"TC Reiner" did not file any tax returns during the years 2004-2015.

Public Record

Of course, "TC Reiner" did not file tax returns.

"TC Reiner" cannot file tax returns because he's not a real person!

What really went down in that court case is this: 

Schmegner willfully deceived the court and concealed his true identity to evade the Discovery process!

Consequently, this question begs to be asked: 

Has "TC Reiner" filed tax returns under his real name, Reiner Edmund Schmegner?

And, if so, has Schmegner reported income paid to "TC Reiner"?

If not, it may partly explain why Schmegner has attempted, for a couple decades, to hide behind a fictitious name.

We do know that Schmegner had serious issues with the IRS during the period before he began using the fictitious name "TC Reiner."

Liens & Judgments
Filing Number: 9165261
Filing Type: Federal Tax Releases
Date: 11 October 1991
Release Date: 8 May 1996
Court: 1033000
Filing Office: Massachusetts Central Filing
Filing Address: US District Court, Boston, MA 02210 (Suffolk)

Debtor Name: Reiner E. Schmegner
Debtor Type: Consumer
Debtor Amount: $24,289
Debtor Address: 556 S. Main Street, Centerville, MA 02632

Perhaps the IRS (and California State tax authorities) will become interested in Schmegner and/or his earnings as "TC Reiner."

Tax issues aside, any lawsuit that "TC Reiner" initiates against anyone over an alleged business arrangement can and should be challenged on these grounds:

a) It is improper t0 file a lawsuit under an unregistered fictitious name.

Schmegner has done this habitually as "TC Reiner," defrauding courts and defendants around the country.

Pop "TC Reiner lawsuits" into a search engine and see for yourself.

b) It is improper to conduct business under an unregistered fictitious name.

Schmegner does this habitually.

And if a Schmegner-initiated lawsuit concerns an alleged copyright infringement...

c) It is improper to claim copyright under a pseudonym unless it is registered as such.

Public Record
Improper copyright registration
(The pseudonym box is not ticked)

Hopefully, our posts will prevent this serial suer and proven deceiver from perpetuating his proclivity for shakedowns and litigation, fraud and deceit.

More important, now that this information is in the public domain it may deter innocents from wandering into this Schmeg's schticky web of chicanery.

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