Wednesday, June 26, 2019


"TC Reiner" or Reiner Edmund Schmegner?

ONE:  The hapless and self-christened "TC Reiner," whose real name is Reiner Edmund Schmegner, has fired his lawyer, whose advice he continues to ignore.

Only to discover that he can't fire his lawyer.

That's because the equally hapless Michael Harris, his beleaguered attorney, remains recognized by the Court as "counsel of record."

Will the shameless Schmeg now attempt a shakedown of his lawyer through threat of a negligence lawsuit and/or Bar complaint?

It would certainly be in-(poor)character.

Harris was clearly negligent taking on a client who's real name he did not know. (Harris probably should have hung it up a decade ago.)

Or maybe Schmegner didn't want counsel that might accept service when he is sued for Malicious Prosecution?

(Doesn't matter, Schmeg, we know how to find you.)

And, by the way, this probably wasn't the lawyer's fault; more likely, Schmegner twisted the facts and, after shopping it around to multiple lawyers, managed to sucker Harris into buying his fantasy.

TWO:  The humiliated and shamed Schmegner now seeks "confidentiality" from the Court. 

We guess that The Schmeg was not too thrilled about having his real name revealed, and aired publicly, after over twenty years of operating under an unregistered fictitious name and, more especially, conducting copyright shakedowns in Federal Court under a fraudulent identity.

THREE:  Schmegner is trying to reneg on a binding settlement agreement. 

In an odd twist, Schmegner, according to his "fired" lawyer, refuses to sign any document in his real name.  

Smells very fishy.

FOUR:  Speaking of fish, The Schmeg seeks to reopen Discovery.

That is because the only thing his fishing expedition reeled in was an old boot.

But the Court says Schmegner had his day at the swamp (where he morally resides) and can go fishin' no mo'. 

And so this sad saga continues, as a very disgruntled Schmeg attempts to perpetuate his career as a serial sewer (uh, suer) and candidate for vexatious litigant status.