Thursday, August 8, 2019


Reiner Edmund Schmegner

The lawyer representing Reiner Schmegner, who masquerades as "TC Reiner," has been set free by the Court from representing his fraudulent client.

Their attorney-client relationship deteriorated after the lawyer, Michael Harris, discovered his client was not who he claimed to be.

No new lawyer has yet appeared to represent the disgraced Schmeg.

This is hardly surprising given pending Motions to Dismiss due to Schmegner's use of a fake name and invalid copyright, along with a Counterclaim against Schmegner for fraud and deceit, which he proved all by himself.

What a Schmeg!

Some background:

“TC Reiner” is a fictitious name.

His real name:  Reiner Edmund Schmegner.

Fraud and deception does not end with a name.

Schmegner purportedly does business under the name “TC Reiner.”

Yet there is no legal name change, no corporate entity, nor even a DBA listed with California’s Secretary of State under the name TC Reiner.

Doing business under a fictitious name is improper in California.

In other words, if you meet TC Reiner, my advice is… RUN!

And if TC Reiner offers to take your photograph, even as a gift, I recommend… RUN FASTER!

Because Schmegner, operating under a wholly fictitious name, seems to use photography as a way to set people up for a shakedown.

Here is how I believe Schmegner’s scam, in my opinion, works: 

Posing as a “fashion photographer” of influential people as he may have once tried (and still tries) to be, Schmegner offers to take your photograph as a “gift.” 

Then, without your permission or knowledge, he registers your image as his copyright, or argues it is automatically copyrighted by law.

He then he waits and watches.

Perhaps he trolls the Internet looking for “unauthorized usage.”

You didn’t sign a contract for receiving a gift, right?

But now that you, or someone else, puts the photo on social media, it is an claimed violation of archaic Copyright law.

Schmegner allegedly knows all about Copyright law.

If you don’t you pay thousands of dollars to make it go away, get ready for a lawsuit against you.

Click this link to see how Schmegner operates...

Schmegner has a track record of filing such lawsuits.

Just Google TC Reiner lawsuits and see for yourself.

Public Record
"TC Reiner" is not a registered name

Public Record
Invalid Copyright
(Pseudonym box not ticked)

"TC Reiner" (real name Reiner Edmund Schmegner) has defrauded courts around the country, evading Discovery (as well as the taxman) by using an unregistered identity.