Monday, September 23, 2019


Today's autumn equinox marks eleven years since my father crossed over; a passage of time best symbolized by the timepiece he spontaneously handed me on my 24th birthday after having worn it for thirty years.

My love of wristwatches stemmed from this Benrus Citation on my father's wrist.

Although I’ve collected some mighty fine watches since, my father’s vintage timepiece is the only one that consistently tells the truth.

Another thing about timing: 

It is poetic that my father passed on St. Pio Feast Day, the very day that Padre Pio passed in 1968.

My father’s mysterious connection to Pio, known as The Intercessionist, made him spiritual, happier and more at peace with himself than he'd ever been through his life. 

He painted a number of portraits of Padre Pio, some of which led to the healing of others.