Monday, July 6, 2020


After six loyal years of service, the Cadillac Escalade is offcially retired.

Its successor is my dream car: 

The Land Rover Defender.

This legendary, very classic vehicle got discontinued in the USA many years ago.

And now it's back. 

I purchased one of the first to arrive in California.

Escalades are a wee bit too fancy for the road; was chosen for its roominess, and amply provided.  

And also this: That CoW was our truest savior following the mudslide.

But, had it been available in 2014, the Land Rover Defender would have been my first choice. 

All because... 

London, 1974...

I had my own late-night coffee house, Tricky Dick's, and I introduced two of my good friends, both film buffs, to one another: Greg Hyman (whose father produced The Dirty Dozen) and Barney Fishbein (now Barnet Bain, who went on to produce What Dreams May Come).

Center: Barnet Bain, Tricky Dick's, 1974

And after that, they'd roll off to the West End movie theaters together in Greg's Land Rover while I was stuck pouring coffee and cutting the cheesecake.

And then one day Greg cut plans to relocate to California and needed to sell his Land Rover.

Cost: 600 pounds sterling (about $750).

I wanted this vehicle. So bad. Asked my parents.

Had to, because Tricky Dick's made music, not money... 

Didn't get Greg's Land Rover.

And that's just fine.

Because the best things in life are worth waiting for.