Sunday, September 13, 2020


From the Cooper Lounge in Union Station on to The Oxford Hotel, just up 17th.

Specifically, The Cruise Bar, as instructed by our muse.

The Cruise Bar is an original Prohibition-era speakeasy.

And that is Richard sitting at the bar.

Richard was already into his second Perfect Manhattan, which he called "The true blood of Christ.

We, nearby, opted for more Old Fashioned, this time with Evan Williams bourbon.

Then Richard got to talking...

Was this the message the muse wanted us to hear?

Richard had more than one:

The first, Don't cross your legs.

The second: Seeing accomplishes all.

Third:  Don't go to the train station; go to the future.

Four:  It's not just about giving to others; it's about giving to others while you, yourself, are in pain.

And finally, "the secret of life," said Richard, with a passion that made him weep: 

Never stop breathing. 

Breathing had been a running theme during this trip due to the very high altitude.

The bookstores I visited in Crested Butte and Boulder featured newly-published books about breathing. I even bought one. 

There is nothing more important and fundamental than breathing.

You can go a few weeks without food, a few days without water, but only a few minutes without oxygen.

Feeling somewhat jubilant, perhaps from delivering his message(s), Richard ordered a whole bottle of expensive  bubbly.

He offered us a glass each, but we declined, needing to visit the third place, as guided by our muse.

Sadly, the evening did not end well for Richard.

Upon returning from the third place, we found Richard in the custody of Denver's finest.

Alas, after boozing at the bar (the good stuff), Richard had no money to settle his tab.

Not knowing what to do with Richard, Denver's finest walked him to Union Station.

And that's where poor Richard finished his evening.