Thursday, November 19, 2020



She defied all the stereotypical sayings about mothers-in-law.

She was amazing, wonderful and loving.

Claire DeSapio Gesualdi passed away today aged 94.

Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, the daughter of that city's mayor, Fred DeSapio, Claire led a long, joyous life surrounded by family and friends: four children, nine grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, an abundance of aunts and uncles (real and honorary) and almost anyone who crossed her path and was smitten by her kindness.

We first met in February 1979 when I arrived in West Long Branch, NJ jet lagged and bedraggled from London to claim her daughter.

Without hesitation, Claire opened her heart and soul to me; never a cross word between us in 40 years.

Claire taught me Scrabble. One of my most enduring memories of her (and there are many) are our nightly Scrabble tournaments. She was a smart and shrewd player and probably more responsible than anyone for improving my vocabulary as I struggled to become a writer.

The tournaments followed some of the best home-cooked meals I've ever eaten, all lovingly prepared from scratch by the best Italian chef I've ever known.

In every new home we ever moved into (and we moved a lot), "Granny" Claire never failed to appear and assist with the transition. 

Ditto the birth of two daughters, her beloved grand-daughters.

Always there when you needed her.

Now Claire's soul has been set free into a soaring spirit to rejoin the universe.

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