Monday, May 31, 2021



From left to right: Armenian Double Tram (circa 1198-1219). 
Liberty Quarter (1913, the year my paternal grandparents landed at Ellis Island).
Mark Twain $5 gold piece. (The father of American literature: "Explore, dream, discover."
Lucky French Angel:
King Richard II Silver Penny (circa 1377-1399, used by my Stanley ancestors?)

As for which coin to flip for deciding a destination, in addition to the palladium $25 master-coin previously mentioned... should take time and consideration; collecting an arsenal of potential coins to arrive at Ancestiny (from the Manifance Glossary) i.e. using coins that circulated centuries ago from where and when your ancestors resided; coins they might even have handled and whose energy they still possess.


Coins are talismans. 

Coins have exchanged energy fields with every person who has ever handled them. 

Consequently, the wisdom of our ancestors—of everyone who has handled such coins over many centuries—is the tool Mani-fanatics use (through a special coin), to be guided by divine intervention (the flip). 

In this way, talismanic coins are the tools of our ancestral spirits. 

And this: in case of emergency...

...let Bill Murray decide.