Saturday, May 29, 2021


Corinthian Stater: Tails (Pegasus), Heads (Apollo)

A Manifance Quest is about destiny, given some chance; or chance, given some destiny; about transcending the boundaries of one’s comfort zone and traveling through a magic portal into a world of wonderment and heightened awareness. 

When you allow chance to guide your travel choices you become a lightning rod for messages from the universe. 


As never before, all cluttered thoughts of past and future disappear; body and soul, invigorated by motion and a knowing that wherever you happen to find yourself through the flip of a coin is precisely where you’re meant to be:  a mani-festival into which you have manifested yourself; a time and space called Manifance (manifesting chance) in which only the present moment matters.

This idea began with my purchase, a few years ago, of an ancient Greek Corinthian Stater from a small shop called Magenta in Cottonwood, Arizona.

This coin had been traveling approximately 2,350 years to reach me. 

Maybe Jesus himself handled it. 

Maybe Ceasar, who was known to toss a coin to decide difficult issues, flipped it to decide on something.  

"It was Julius Caesar who instituted the heads/tails coin flipping practice. Caesar's own head appeared on one side of every Roman coin, and consequently it was a head, especially that of Caesar, that in a coin flip determined the winner of a dispute or indicated an affirmative response from the gods.

"The reverence for Caesar was such, that serious litigation, involving property, marriage or criminal guilt, was often settled by the flip of a coin. Caesar's head hanging upright meant that the emperor, in absentia, agreed with a particular decision and opposed the alternative."

The historical origin of coin-flipping dates back to the Romans, 7th century B.C. and the Greeks, 600-527 B.C.

The Romans called it Navia aut caput (Ship or Head).

The Greeks called it Night and Day.

Both interpreted coin-flipping as a chance outcome that expressed divine will.


"Giving up the illusion of control actually increases control and results in substantial benefits." 

"Seek beauty and opportunity in randomness—and take life enhancing steps."