Thursday, May 27, 2021


The perfect flip-tripping coin has finally manifested, which means the long-awaited, COVID-delayed "Flip- Trip" is finally on, on, on.

(We had intended to undertake this project a year earlier but the China Virus intervened; perhaps it was the universe intervening to ensure we would be in possession of the right coin before flipping out.)

Why this coin as a road map instead of others we have been collecting and assessing for worthiness?

As with the Mercury dime, Winged Mercury, the Patron Deity of Safe Travel, is "heads." 

"Tails" (the reverse side) is the American Eagle, which symbolizes independence.

Palladium is the Greek goddess of wisdom and provides protection and safety.

This coin is issued by the U.S. Mint as a $25 piece (although it is worth far more).

Angel Number 25 represents change and personal freedom, helps us get into our own mind (as in mindfulness) through introspection, and accumulates wisdom.

Dated 2020: The year our Flip-Trip project was conceived.

But perhaps most important, the mercury dime is the coin Donald Duck flipped in Carl Barks' iconic 1953 comic book, Flip Decision.

Which means this newer palladium version of Winged Mercury is flipism on steroids.

Our concept is Manifance: our own term, coined (excuse the pun) by us to mean manifesting destinations through chance.

Manifance or Chance Location Therapy (CLT) enhances synchronicity through the flip of a coin to determine direction.