Thursday, June 10, 2021



Bar banter

The Message from JR: Masks are for mugs.

And he is dead on: Masking was a Fauci farce from the get-go.

COVID is gone and yet some goofy governors (think Gavin Newsom) still want to infringe upon constitutionally-guaranteed liberties and hold onto power just because they think they can, despite judicial decisions holding them accountable for their autocratic actions.

The truth will out one day. 

And all of these fools, starting with New York's vile egomaniac Andrew Cuomo, will be disgraced and replaced.

Meantime, nearing midnight, rant aside, awaiting a ghost, any ghost.

My contribution to transgenderism 
(as set up by Van Stein)

Jonathan, the Sage of SkyBar

Says Jonathan, when asked for a message: 

You don't have to be in the Vatican archives to understand the truth of the universe.

The book Jonathan recommends

The lady with the Flower of Life tattoo

And the lovely Kendall...