Thursday, June 3, 2021



Meet Heather, bartender extraordinaire.

This being Ulysses S. Grant territory, I thought I'd use my complimentary cocktail token on a shot of Grant's favorite whiskey, Old Crow.

Alas, no Old Crow in this bar.

So I ordered the next nearest thing: Wild Turkey.

Heather was intrigued enough to research Old Crow on the spot.  Then, when we told her about how we're flipping over destinations, she flipped us out by informing us that Athens, Wisconsin is the Center of the Western Hemisphere, which sounded most intriguing and definitely flip-worthy.

For her due diligence, charming Heather was rewarded with a coin. Not just any coin. She received the Mark Twain Medal (a silver dollar commemorating the father of American literature).

Furthermore, it transpires that lovely Heather handcrafts (for sale) her own pouch-bags...