Saturday, June 5, 2021


The National World War I Museum, established in 1926, is the largest museum in the world honoring those who perished during “The Great War to end all wars.”


Know this, please: 

There is nothing glorious about war. 

It is always a tragedy. 

It is always about pain and suffering, death and emotional strife for those left behind; and about some folks getting very rich off the misfortunes of others. 


Don’t allow a mainstream narrative to propagandize you into supporting another war.


As with the crock that was COVID (yep, past-tense, take off your friggin' mask), government is always about manipulation, control and rewarding commerce.


This monument says "up you" to the common young men (and women) conscripted into military service to fight a war.

His mind is warped, his body bent;

    War meant more than he thought it meant.