Wednesday, June 2, 2021



Just across the border from Omaha, Nebraska, in the city of Council Bluffs, Iowa, exists a very magical statue called the Black Angel.

Of course we went to see it; had been meaning, for several years, to undertake this pilgrimage.

The Black Angel is truly quite amazing, for reasons best explained in links I have added to this post.

The Black Angel is where we flipped the master coin for our first "flip-trip" destination, to which we would travel forthwith.

Earlier, Van Stein and I had scribbled our destination choices on slips of paper, each concealed from the other.

Then I flipped.

Van Stein called "Heads."

Heads it was.

Van Stein's choice: Galena, Illinois.

Then I unveiled my losing "tails" choice:  Galena, Illinois.