Friday, June 11, 2021


Two-thirds of the way toward Denver our pilot announces Denver Airport has shut down due to tornado warnings and their control tower evacuated.

He says he will circle for a while, see if things loosen up, suggesting we may end up in Grand Junction, Colorado.

After forty-five minutes' circling, the pilot has a new plan: a back-track to Wichita, Kansas.

The Ambassador Hotel looks like an appealing option.

But it was never really an option. Because United does not have facilities in Wichita. Which means we came here only to refuel, not de-plane.

Refuel they do.

And, with Denver Airport open again, we take off into the sunset.

And then came light at the end of the tunnel.

Denver, Colorado.

Two-and-a-half hours late. 

Not so bad. After all, we got there.

Until we discover, upon arrival at The Oxford Hotel in Denver's historic LoDo neighborhood, that this city still maintains a ridiculous COVID curfew: no food or drinks can be served past ten o'clock.

And it's 10:33.

No martini and steak dinner at The Chop House.

Instead, dinner is a bag of potato chips and a glass of plonk from the hotel room minibar.

Lesson: Billboards are not messages from the universe.