Sunday, July 4, 2021



So I'm sitting outside Honor Bar in Montecito early this evening and along comes Barnet Bain, who I've known ever since he wandered into my Hampstead, London late-night coffee shop 47 years ago...

Here's Barnet, circa mid-1970s,
my dear old dad to his right and Kathy Wilson, mother of Oliver Luck, to his left
(we were, of course, an illustrious bunch)

At that time Barnet was a film student.

He graduated into becoming a master film-maker (What Dreams May Come).

Now he writes books about being and mindfulness.

Barnet's newest book, not yet published, will be about How to be a Friend.

And since Barnet and I have known one another for almost half a century, this is something he and I need to seriously address.