Sunday, October 3, 2021


I am reliably quoted in this piece.

My favorite:

Yet in the latest paternity scandal, Eringer emerges as an unlikely character witness for Albert, albeit a barbed one. His doubts about Mariza’s story center on her claim that Albert had disguised his identity. 

“That was not how Albert operated,” Eringer tells me. “He used his identity as a prince to attract women. By 2005 Albert was nearing 50, almost bald, fat, and rather ugly. It was his princely status that attracted women, certainly not his looks.”

As for the other references to me:

Robert Eringer remembers the tension between Albert’s professional and personal lives. The American private investigator says he got to know the prince in the 1990s and remembers him as a “shy and awkward” man.


Monaco, December 2005
RE, Jazmin, Tamara

In 2005, when Albert took the throne, Eringer established an unofficial agency—the Monaco Intelligence Service—to help root out unsavory characters who did not fit the new image. Late that same year, Eringer says he met Tamara Rotolo and Jazmin in Monaco, months before Jazmin was officially recognized. “I had hoped for Albert to meet his daughter for the first time in a private setting, our safe house,” Eringer writes in an email to me from his home in Santa Barbara. “It would have meant a lot to her and mitigated the harshness of legal proceedings.” But Albert and his lawyers passed up the opportunity, Eringer claims, waiting instead for Jazmin’s legal recognition the following year.

True.  And Albert's cowardice led to this...

Eringer says he lost royal favor in 2007 and later attempted to sue the prince for unpaid fees of $60,000. His case collapsed when a U.S. court ruled that sovereign immunity applied to the disputed contract.

The bad guys won.

Albert and his lawyers have dismissed Eringer’s claims and sued the American for defamation, compelling him to take down his blog, according to Eringer. Albert once described his former consigliere as “a bitter person who spews his venom and resentments on the internet.” Thierry Lacoste, Albert’s lawyer, tells me Eringer’s “slanderous attacks” are “a demonstration of his absence of probity.”

An absence of probity? 

As always, Thierry Lacoste, who hates Monaco and whose feeling is reciprocated by Monegasques, sounds constipated. 

He is a fatuous little prick who has been leeching off Albert for decades, like so many others in the principality (though he's the worst of them).