Sunday, November 28, 2021


Full disclosure: I took the “Fauci-ouchies.” But not until the very day that the Pfizer vaccine got FDA approved. (Before that, Pfizer and the other COVID-19 vaccines were merely “experimental”—and all who took them were human lab rats.)

I hadn’t planned to; I didn’t want to. But, ultimately, my decision was based on convenience. I would have preferred to stick to my principles and oppose medical policies the government has no lawful business mandating in a free society. But I need to travel internationally and, without vaccination, the hurdles—such as 10-day quarantines—are not worth jumping.

Do I feel better protected by the vaccine?

I think I was just fine adhering to a regimen of Vitamins D & C, zinc, iodine (seaweed and abalone) and lavender products (COVID won’t cross a lavender threshold) in addition to good hygiene.  

Portland OR (July 2020)
Through 2020 and early 2021 I traveled (non-essentially, Gavin Newsom’s 120-mile travel restriction laughably ignored) to Oregon (where I mingled with protestors in Portland, see for myself what was really going


down); to Colorado (Crested Butte, where they’d suffered an outbreak brought in by skiers);

Whitefish MT (March 2021)

Arizona and Montana (where life went on as usual, mask-less, bless them, no greater number of COVID cases per capita than those states--such as California and New York--that implemented mask madness and draconian lockdowns that decimated their economies, bankrupted thousands of moms & pops and did untold damage to the educational needs of students.

Flights and car rentals and sitting at bars, uh-huh.

I believe I was healthier without the vaccine.  

Prescott AZ (January 2021)


Four days after the first jab I suffered the first common cold I’d had in 20 months. It was as if my immune system had been lowered—and maybe it was. Three months on, a symptom of that cold persists.

Just as I believe in freedom of expression, I believe in freedom of choice and so I am not anti-vax but anti-mandate. And I also believe in the proven effectiveness of several therapeutics used to treat COVID and how tragic it is that their success rates have been proactively suppressed and censored due to the vaccine propaganda push.

A local health care provider and COVID scholar told The Investigator: “Forms of early treatment such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, budesonide, vitamin C, vitamin D, NAC, zinc and selenium are being used very successfully.”

It is interesting to me that those working in the U.S. military, in government, at airlines, in schools, law enforcement and in healthcare (among many other occupations) are forced to take the vaccine or lose their jobs while no such demand is made of those who collect welfare.

Really simple: You want your welfare check or food stamps? Proof of vaccination, please. 

The double-standard and hypocrisy is in this regard is nothing less than appalling. And the cynic in me suggests that this stance is about not ruffling the feathers of Democratic voters (those on welfare know very well who butters their bread) while shaming those with conservative or libertarian views. The shame is on them.

Another quite startling and very ironic truth: The segments of society that most need the vaccine are those refusing it.

The mainstream narrative fixates on the elderly, the obese and those with existing health issues, especially diabetes and asthma, as those who most need protection.

What they won’t tell you, because it ventures into the arena of sensitivity and political correctness, is that darker-skinned people are four-to-five times more prone to cultivating COVID than lighter-skinned people. (If you don’t believe me, just click into the CDC’s ethnic breakdown—not anything you’ll ever see reported by most mainstream media.)


One of the best defenses for blocking COVID is Vitamin D. Most people get Vitamin D from sunshine. But darker skins do not absorb Vitamin D from the sun and people wearing skins of color should take Vitamin D supplements to protect themselves. And there’s no one to blame for such prejudice other than the universe. Even the Critical Race Theory folks, who like to point out racial differences instead of promoting equal rights, have not made an issue of this.

If I were dark-skinned I’d be plenty mad at Dr. Anthony Fauci and his Fauci-ism disciples for not addressing the importance of Vitamin D and advocating it for extra protection. And I have to wonder if this is because Big Pharma does not benefit from the vitamin supplement industry—just like there’s no money in proving natural immunity, which should (according to numerous medical practitioners) preclude a segment of the public from vaccine mandates.

Again, the wise words of a local health care provider who reads everything on the corona virus: “Those that have previously contracted COVID (estimated to be approximately 120 million in the USA), as per basic rules of immunity, have a more robust and enduring natural immunity than those that are vaccinated.”

The mainstream narrative likes to play up the casualties of COVID but virtually ignores collateral damage done to many by the vaccine itself. Maybe ignore is not the right word. Censor comes to mind, given the stance of social media giants Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in their efforts—egged on by the Biden Administration—to eradicate from their platforms any suggestion that the vaccine can itself cause harm to some who take it and that natural immunity and/or therapeutics may be a better route. 

Or, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. writes in his new book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health: “Most Americans are unaware of all this carnage because the mainstream and social media companies immediately scrub injuries reported by doctors, victims, and families. Media outlets like CNN and the New York Times ignore the tsunami of vaccine injuries and deaths while reflexively inflating those deaths they can blame on COVID.”

As Mr. Kennedy likes to point out, if you criticize government policies you get removed from YouTube (and he suggests that Mr. Fauci and Mr. Gates be prosecuted, criminally, for profiting off the pandemic and gross negligence).

Here is a New Rule of Medicine, according to Steve Kirsch, executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation: “You must not question the mainstream narrative. Nobody prominent who supports that vaccines are safe and effective shall agree to debate any prominent opponent of the narrative. Challengers of the narrative should be ignored, censored, intimidated or jailed, if necessary.”

It’s as if we’re living in The Twilight Zone—or maybe even Invasion of the Body Snatchers, due to…





There are a number of people in Santa Barbara who have suffered harmful and seriously debilitating side effects from taking one or other of the COVID vaccines.  Once we began our inquiries the floodgates opened and here follows a smattering of local cases. (In the interest of personal medical privacy, we will not name those who have suffered; and to preclude retribution, which seems to be the norm these days for those who don’t buy into the vaccine group fantasy, we will not reveal the identities of our sources):

Middle-aged male, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine in mid-March 2021: “Has been in constant pain ever since.”

Middle-aged female: “Plummeted my immune system, got shingles and lost vision in my right eye.”

Middle-aged female: After first Pfizer jab “both arms tingling to elbows, up to shoulders by midnight. By next day, arms felt like weights, numbness and tingling. Day after that, numbness started up my legs from feet, progressing to thighs. Day after that, could barely walk, admitted to ICU.”

Middle-aged female: Vaccinated in April. “Numbness, nausea and shakiness.” Diagnosed with Gullain-Barr Syndrome, a rare disorder whereby the body’s immune system attacks the nervous system. Headaches every day. Needs wheelchair when leaving the house.

Middle-aged female: “Inflammation and nerve pain.”

Male, aged 72: Pfizer. “Racing hart, palpitations. Doctors don’t know how to diagnose it. I gasp for air and then my chest starts banging and it goes throughout my breathing. It’s scary. And my blood pressure rises to 220/150, a dangerous level, for about 20 minutes.”

Female, aged 91. “Was pretty healthy, took the shots, then she died.”

A source who has been collecting COVID vaccine casualty stories told The Investigator: “Just a few months ago, a woman who works for me lost her father to the J & J vaccine, and his girlfriend was grievously injured.  There are other cases I know about, one involving a local man who suffered a stroke, and a local woman who developed an auto-immune disorder.”

Another source: “A friend of ours had the vaccine and, after the second, he got Covid. He has asthma and had to go to the ER at Cottage because he couldn't breathe. They put him on a ventilator (how have they not learned that kills people?) and he suffered a stroke. He is now at home but can barely walk and looks like he aged 20 years.”

Another local: “I know three people that have died within 48 hours, 50 hours and 72 hours of taking the vaccine. I know a man in his 80s who died after the vaccine and then his son committed suicide directly after. My son-in-law wound up in hospital for 12 days after his second dose of Pfizer and nearly died. My father had a heart attack after his second Pfizer.”

A 12th grade student at one of Santa Barbara’s schools died suddenly. Had he recently taken the vaccine? Nobody’s talking.

A number of other cases arrived via another source, who told The Investigator

I recently met a local emergency doctor who decided not to get the vaccine because of the injuries from the jab he witnesses in the hospital.  He may lose his job for not getting the ‘Death Shot’ as he calls it.”

* Cousin double vision, mid 70’s, now needs a cane to walk. 
* Cousin’s friend, late 60’s, went to the hospital feeling she was going to have a heart attack. 
* Friend, extreme inflammation unable to walk without staying on Prednisone. 
* Professional dancer, 27, myocardial infraction, heart failure, trouble breathing, unable to work.
* Previous boss, late 60s, stroke, memory loss.
* Friend, mid 40’s, seizures.
* A pregnant woman got the shot, delivered early and baby was born with dangerously high blood pressure 
* Friend, mid-60s, symptoms of Parkinson's tremors and needs to be helped upstairs, now uses cane to walk."    


 And this: “After my first Moderna shot in late January I began to experience pain in my hands. I went to play golf and couldn’t hold on to my clubs. I didn’t connect the problem to the vaccine until after the second shot in February when the pain became unbearable in my upper extremities. I obviously had a severe inflammatory response that continues until this day. After many visits to neurologists, a rheumatologist, hand surgeons, an orthopedist and several MRIs, not to mention the almost $15,000 spent on a doc in LA who injected platelets into my hand. It has been a nightmare and changed my daily life. I live alone and it’s been difficult to do normal tasks that I used to do without thinking. At least I can walk and drive a car—unlike a friend of mine in Chicago [who took the vaccine] who has difficulty walking because of nerve problems in her legs and hips. Almost every doctor (mostly neurologists) I’ve seen says they’re seeing many people with similar problems. I finally began a regimen of prednisone and hydroxychloroquine that has relieved the pain and I can now sleep through the night.”

Middle-aged woman: “I received my first Pfizer vaccine on April 23rd in the afternoon.  I felt fine when I received the vax, no problems, drove off. Within 12 hours, I was thrown out of my bed by my heart, which was beating so quickly that it took my breath away and, literally, I was thrown out of bed. I spoke with my doctor who told me to wait an additional two weeks.  I adore my physician, but he does not know.  No one knows what this vaccine can do.”

A serious irony here: The same governmental health care institutions that labeled those who died from natural causes as “COVID deaths” as a means of jacking up their figures now label deaths-by-vaccine as “natural causes.”  

And here’s the kicker: Since the health authorities don’t acknowledge anyone as officially vaccinated until two weeks after the second jab (sole jab for J & J), the onset of side effects that occur within that two-week period DON’T COUNT. In other words, their system for keeping score is rigged in favor of the mainstream narrative.           

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. connected the dots and points out in his book that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Big Pharma are financially entwined—a classic case of the fox looking after the chicken coop. And to cap it all, no one can litigate to get their medical bills paid because those manufacturing COVID vaccines have been given, by the government, total immunity from lawsuits.

A new University of Oxford study has linked rare neurological side effects to the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines. 

A recent article in The Conejo Guardian featured Ventura County nurses blowing the whistle on COVID protocols. They cite a chilling rise in non-COVID ailments at hospitals. “Nobody is considering that these could be vaccine-related,” said a local ICU nurse. “Doctors are at a loss to explain this increase, including heart attacks in young people.”

Said another nurse: “We’ve had more strokes than normal, pneumonia cases, and a lot of auto-immune issues: rashes on the body, the body attacking the nervous system, weakening the muscles.” 

According to these nurses, the adverse reactions to the vaccines go unrecorded, leading one nurse to call their record keeping “voodoo statistics.”

Another California nurse asks: “Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place?”

And even if we are to assume COVID vaccines do some good, a just-published New England Journal of Medicine study found that vaccine immunity from COVID lasts only two months.





Anthony Fauci’s unprecedented quarantine of the healthy would kill far more people than COVID, obliterate the global economy, plunge millions into poverty and bankruptcy, and grievously wound constitutional democracy globally.


The lockdown disintegrated vital food chains, dramatically increased rates of child abuse, suicide, addiction, alcoholism, obesity, mental illness, as well as debilitating developmental delays, isolation, depression, and severe educational deficits in young children.


(Earlier this month, a Santa Barbara grand jury found that the pandemic and ensuing lockdown took a toll, “academically and emotionally,” on local students.)

Some 93,000 Americans died of [drug] overdoses in 2020—a 30 percent rise over 2019.


The lockdowns put 58 million Americans out of work, permanently bankrupting small businesses.


Workers lost $3.7 trillion while billionaires gained $3.9 trillion.


Anthony Fauci, the J. Edgar Hoover of public health, led an effort to deliberately derail America’s access to drugs and medicines that might have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and dramatically shortened the pandemic. From the outset hydroxychloroquine and other therapeutics caused an existential threat to Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates’ $48 billion COVID vaccine project.


Six hundred children have already died from COVID vaccines as of September 2021. A recent Lancet study shows that a healthy child has zero risk for COVID, suggesting that most of these kids are dying unnecessarily. COVID-19 vaccines have caused cardiac arrest, blindness, and paralysis in American children.


Add this from the medial community’s highly-credentialed Dr. Peter McCullough: “Today we have 800 cases of young people developing myocarditis—inflammation of the heart.”

The same is now being said of U.S. military pilots, at high risk, if vaccinated, as suffering myocarditis—a complication the CDC actually acknowledges of mRNA vaccines.

(Myocarditis appears to win the prize for most likely side effect; it is fatal in 56% of those who have it within 5 years.)

Again, those who reveal these facts have been subjected to censorship and death threats. 

And this: We received a detailed report that a Santa Barbara Junior High School student was pressured by three staff members to take a random COVID test. Please ensure that your children understand that they DO NOT, when asked or pressured by school employees, we repeat, DO NOT have to fill out a COVID consent form and take a test. It is their right to say NO.




People should read everything on the subject before offering their arms for first jabs or boosters—and endeavor to find answers to these questions:


1.  Why are states with the highest vax rates, such as Vermont, seeing huge surges in COVID cases?

2.  What is the true number of deaths-by-vaccine in the United States. (Some research suggests as many as 100,000.)

3.  What is the true number of deaths-by-vaccine among recipients of Medicare? (Whistleblower data shows 50,000 Medicare members died shortly after receiving the vaccine.)

4.  Why are young women reporting menstrual changes after taking the vaccine?

5.  Why have no fewer than 6700 medical practitioners signed The Rome Declaration attesting that the handling of the pandemic amounts to crimes against humanity for denying the best medical treatment and continuing to advocate for harmful vaccines?

6.  Why did California Governor Gavin Newsom disappear from view for two weeks and abruptly cancel his COP26 appearance in Scotland?  (We have it on good authority that the guv suffered a neurologic injury, akin to Bell’s Palsy, after receiving his COVID vaccine booster.)

7.   Are we being gamed and played (yet again)?





Just as the freedom we lost after 9/11 (security procedures at airports, Patriot Act, etc.) was never regained even though terrorism is no longer the threat it once was, the same will prove to be true about the new rules and regulations stemming from the COVID pandemic.

Having recently returned from London, I have seen the future—and it reeks of all the social controls forecast by George Orwell in 1984 and Aldous Huxley in Brave New World.

First off, COVID vaccines and boosters are here to stay, so long as this virus is not fully eradicated—and (like flu) there’s no reason to believe that it will ever disappear completely. Documentary proof of having been vaccinated will remain as compulsory as a passport for international travel. Add COVID tests to the mix. Clinics for the latter have popped up everywhere—a new, highly organized industry that will never be disassembled.

(Interestingly, when a document-checker at Virgin LAX looked at my vaccination card, the data was not entered into any kind of database to confirm genuineness. Same for the return flight home. The Investigator has discovered that blank CDC COVID vaccination cards are obtainable on the black market in Santa Barbara for $250. Fake fill-ins are illegal and we do not condone their use.)

While in London, I had to take a Lateral Flow Test two days after my arrival (it had to be booked and paid for in advance of travel, proof of which was required at the airport as a condition of checking in for the outbound flight). Oddly, this test goes unsupervised.

Then, near the end of my stay, I had to submit to another COVID test (this one supervised) within 48-hours of my return flight home. Without this rigmarole, and a negative result, I would be barred entry to the plane.

The other part of this: we are venturing full throttle into a cashless society in which only plastic cards (credit, charge or debit) will be accepted as payment. This has already happened to a large extent in the UK. Very many establishments, from coffee houses and restaurants to many stores will simply not accept cash. No card, no exchange for goods. All Black Taxis in London are now equipped with miniature gizmos for taking payment by card. 

This is not going away—and it will trend toward a complete disappearance of cash as currency. Do not, therefore, be surprised if, at some point not far into the future, the U.S. Treasury, Bank of England and all the other national banks that mint money (usually out of thin air) will set an arbitrary date after which paper money and coins will no longer be legal tender, along with a demand that all such cash be redeemed for plastic (or bank) credit or face this consequence: Whatever cash remains in anyone’s possession has no monetary value. 

This is part of an overall strategy meant to disrupt hoarders of cash (think drug cartels and counterfeiters) and prevent businesses from concealing cash transactions from the taxman. But the net result is this: full government oversight over precisely how much money anyone possesses “on account” at any given time.

And it doesn’t end there.

In advance of traveling to London you must file a Passenger Locator Form, which demands to know every address where you intend to be present overnight along with precise arrival and departure dates. In addition, you are compelled to provide all of your personal data, from birthdate and home address to e-mail address, cell phone and passport number.

My bet is that such data demands will never be removed but will become the new normal for international travel.  And this may eventually extend to domestic travel.

Already chipped away at by social media, personal privacy from the prying eyes and ears of Big Brother will cease to exist.

And the saddest part of all: if scientists invented a genuine vaccine to prevent cancer tomorrow, half the population would not take it, would not trust the government or Big Pharma (for good reason) because—like the boy who cried wolf—they’ve already told too many whopping big lies.