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Same spot, four years & two days ago
(The calm before the storm...)

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Oh dear, I just discovered that I bear ultimate responsibility for the Trump-Russia Hoax.

Favorite lines:

"Eringer had much information on Howard, having dined with him in the past in Russia with the Head of the KGB."

"The Russians liked Eringer so much he received an honorary member card to the KGB."

"Eringer was also involved in Russia with the FBI at the same time Robert Hanssen was providing the Russians damaging information.  

"Hanssen gave information to the Russians on multiple spies, some of who were executed.  The FBI documented this in a special report.

"Even though Eringer was working for the FBI at the time US human assets outed by Hanssen were executed by Russia, Eringer was saved.  

"There may be no one in the Russia collusion fairy tale who knows more about Russia than Eringer."

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Everyone has heard of Nostradamus (Michel de Nostradame), the 16th century French astrologer and seer who forecast the future. His prophecies—published in 1555 as “quatrain” poetry based upon what he called “judicial astrology,” have endured as his predictions played out through the centuries, among them the Great Fire of London, the French Revolution, the rise of Adolf Hitler, the assassination of JFK—and even 9/11.

So: what does 2022 have in store for us, according to Nosty’s calculations?

Careful, because what you are about to learn here may instill a hankering to head for the hills, say, Idaho or northern Arizona (already deluged by refugees from California seeking liberty and freedom and un-woke-ness).

One: Inflation. This is already happening, of course. 

You cannot print money based on nothing and give it away to the masses and not expect prices for everything to go up. Way up. This isn’t rocket science. You have to wonder on what planet economists receive their education. 

Nosty predicts that the US dollar will collapse this coming year. Certainly, the greenbacks in your wallet are, on a daily basis, losing their value against buyable goods. 

If you travel to Europe or Asia, you have no doubt discovered that countries in those hemispheres are much more sophisticated and advanced than the USA. 

And if you have traveled around the USA, you have no doubt encountered decline and dilapidation, boarded up businesses and abandoned houses, along with a seriously corrupted infrastructure.

If we aren’t a third-world country yet, we are becoming one due to poor leadership over many decades.  In short, we have been sold out by those who purport to govern us.

As China endeavors to become the world’s top economic and military power (we helped them do this, starting with Bill Clinton), the almighty dollar is not so mighty anymore because, despite Orwellian newspeak from the Biden Administration, inflation has spiraled out of control—and will only spiral higher in the coming months.

So, chalk one up for Nostradamus a few months ahead of schedule.

Two: The detonation of a nuclear bomb. 

If Russia invades the Ukraine and they meet deadly resistance bolstered by Western armaments and Eastern European armies, it would not be out of character for a cowed and cornered Vladimir Putin to unleash a limited nuclear response. The world, at this point, almost expects this of him. Indeed, Kremlin mouthpiece Dmitry Kiselyov just 5 days ago threatened that “everything will be turned to radioactive ash” if bully-boy Putin doesn’t get his way on Ukraine. And according to Dr. Philip Petersen, former Pentagon official, just back front the frontlines, Putin’s decision to invade has already been made. “It will probably happen sometime between Christmas and New Year,” he told The Investigator. “Putin knows what he wants and he’s aiming to get it. And short of Europe coming together and threatening to boycott Russian energy products [natural gas and oil] this winter, he’s ready to roll.” 

Nosty suggested the Mediterranean Sea as the likely venue for a missile-delivered nuclear explosion in 2022. But his quatrains are imprecise, mysterious and subject to interpretation, which means he could easily have meant the neighboring Black Sea, south of Ukraine. He further forecasts that this blast will alter the planet’s position, leading to flooding from earthquakes along with significant climate change. 

The quatrain that pertains to the above earth-busting event is interpreted by others as being not nuclear weapon-oriented but…

Three: An asteroid striking earth.

(Maybe both in 2022.) 

Nosty identifies Japan as the country most likely to suffer from earthquakes and flooding from an asteroid impact.

Four: Vast population shifts (as in immigration, 7 times as many migrants than usual, mostly in Europe, yet already happening—since the beginning of 2021—along the southern border of the USA), due to war or upheaval from catastrophes (perhaps nuclear explosion and/or asteroid impact mentioned above), leading to world hunger on a scale never before seen.

Five: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Yup, Nosty also predicted AI, which (he forecast) would officially commence this coming year to replace humans as the world’s dominant force and ultimately (some years down the road) bring an end to mankind.

Six: “Sacred temples prime Roman style/Will reject the Goffes Foundation.” This has been interpreted to mean the disintegration of European Union. (Throw in a siege of Paris: “All around the great city/Will be soldiers lodged by fields and cities.”)

Bottom line: We’ve already endured a pandemic (and the fear-mongering associated with it continues); we may face a nuclear bomb detonation and/or an asteroid crashing into earth; and we’re on the cusp of AI taking over.

The only thing missing—and the most threateningly destructive of all to our fragile planet—is the eruption of a super-volcano, of which there are 10 around the globe, including our own Yellowstone Caldera in northwest Wyoming. 

If Yellowstone (or any of them) blows, thick smoke blocks out the sun, our planet enters another ice age—and no stockpile of canned beans, guns and gold will prevent you and me from very quickly freezing to death.


(Take all this with a grain of salt because it is the arrogance and folly of every generation to believe the end is nigh on their watch.)




Oddly, Nostradamus predicts nothing about UFOs.  Yet, earlier this year, the U.S. Government (USG) released a report on what they now refer to as “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP) and, who knows, 2022 may be the year in which a flying saucer with aliens aboard spins into a town near you.

For easy understanding, we have deconstructed USG’s findings:

Report: “The limited amount of high-quality reporting on UAP hampers our ability to draw firm conclusions about the nature or intent of UAP.” 

Meaning: We know nothing.  

Report: “UAP clearly pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to U.S. national security.” 

Meaning: We’re scared.

Report: “In 18 incidents, described in 21 reports, observers reported unusual UAP movement patterns or flight characteristics.  Some UAP appeared to remain stationary in winds aloft, move against the wind, maneuver abruptly, or move at considerable speed, without discernable means of propulsion.”    

Meaning: The dynamics are un-earthly.        

Report: “UAP pose a hazard to safety of flight, 11 reports of documented instances in which pilots reported near misses with a UAP.”

Meaning: We now have more to worry about when flying than COVID-19—and masks won’t help.         

Report: “We currently lack data to indicate any UAP are part of a foreign collection program or indicative of a major technological advancement by a potential adversary. We continue to monitor for evidence of such programs given the counter intelligence challenge they would pose, particularly as some UAP have been detected near military facilities or by aircraft carrying the USG’s most advanced sensor systems.”        

Meaning: Again, we know diddly-squat.        

Report: “The UAPTF has begun to develop interagency analytical and processing workflows to ensure both collection and analysis will be well informed and coordinated.”

Meaning: The armed services (and 28 intelligence agencies) have never cooperated with one another on this subject, which is partly why we know diddly-squat.

Report: “The UAPTF has indicated that additional funding for research and development could further the future study of the topics laid out in this report.”      

Meaning: As always, we want more money from the taxpayer to waste on nonsensical studies and dumb experiments.

Bottom line: Nothing of substance here, just the typical government gabble of gobbledygook. They don’t have a clue. Well, that’s not exactly true. They’ve had plenty of clues, going back 70 years, but avoided paying any attention to any of them; avoided, in fact, any attempt to connect the dots because no one in the armed services wanted to own up to having witnessed a UFO because of the stigma attached to “flying saucers” and, with it, the fear of harming your career if you reported having seen one.

Which means this:  The U.S. Government is either incapable of figuring things out or it is incapable of telling the truth. Probably a combination of the two.




Breaking news update: Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich has withdrawn his defamation lawsuit against author Catherine Belton and publisher HarperCollins in exchange for an apology, a payment to charity and modifications to future editions of the book.




New Year’s Day in Britain means the bestowing of knighthoods and other assorted royal orders upon those who have made it onto the Queen’s “good” list.

This column has its own version: The Dis-Honors List. And here it is.

Masters of Arrogance:  Shared equally between brothers Andrew and Chris Cuomo, once upon a time, princes of governance and television news; now, having been kissed by scandal, disgraced and forcibly removed from their spheres of influence, transformed into toads. 

Andrew, as New York guv, sentenced thousands of senior citizens to death by concentrating them in COVID-infected “care” facilities while pretending through daily television briefings to guard the nation from China’s gift to the world, though what led to his downfall and resignation (he would otherwise have been impeached) in these woke “me-too” times was groping numerous females and blaming a touchy-feely addiction on his Italian heritage.  

Chris crossed the journalistic ethics barrier by aiding and abetting his older brother in the ensuing cover-up attempts while pretending objectivity in his reporting and striving, as a wannabe gumshoe, to uncover dirt on his brother’s accusers—and then lied about the true nature of his underhanded activities to colleagues and superiors.

Master of Prevarication: Anthony Fauci. 

Fauci leaves a trail of flip-flops and outright lies about treatment for and origins of COVID, always in the name of science, as if he and science are twins (like that movie with Arnold and Danny DeVito). 

Commander of the Toilet: Jussie Smollett, who single-handedly debased the principle of race-hate crime by taking his occupation as an actor way too far and staging a farce, for which he cast a pair of “black as sin” Nigerians (Smollett’s words) to rough him up so he could act the victim and whimper about an attack on his person by “Trump supporters.”

Order of the Jester: Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago, who claims retail business owners are to blame for the “smash-and-grab” phenomenon.  

A second Order of the Jester to White House spokesperson Jen Psaki for dressing like Princess Mombi in Return to Oz while blaming “smash-and-grab” on COVID, a combination more disconcerting than stainless steel cutlery cooking in the microwave.

Art Prize (not!): Hunter, for cashing in yet again on the Biden name. Schlocking!

Decoration of the Hypocrites: Nancy “You wear masks, I don’t” Pelosi—and Gavin Newsom for same. They should partner up to create a new board game: Double Standards: You roll dice, zip around the board collecting money for yourself, give away money earned by those still employed to those who do not wish to be employed—and order everyone to stay inside wearing masks while they party on, un-masked, with their fellow elitists.

Finally, the Antithesis of Dishonor:  This award goes to Democratic U.S. Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia for courageously facing off to his party and saying “no” to a bill (literally, a $1.75 trillion taxpayer bill) full of pork and beans they call “Build Back Better” but whose real name is “Weaken Forward Worse.”

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From Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (the "North Pole") two years ago.

(A wee too much egg nog...)

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(Or, as Marcus wittily reposed, "It's the same one.")

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It is worth using a column once in blue moon to update past topics, lest the issues we’ve covered (like old acquaintances) be forgotten. (As they say, today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s bird cage liner…)  

There is no better time to do so than year-end when our calendar-motivated human condition puts the past 12 months under review and, with hopeful resolutions (mostly short-lived), we look to a healthier, happier New Year. (And after the last 2, I think everyone agrees it would be swell if the powers-that-be would sit back, shut the heck up and let us fearlessly roar into the ‘20s…)


            PUTRID PUTIN


We reported from London on whether or not a High Court judge would agree with Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich that his defamation claim against Catherine Belton’s bestselling book, Putin’s People, should go forward.

In late November, Justice Amanda Tipples ruled that 9 of the 26 passages to which Mr. Abramovich objected shall proceed to trial, which is not expected to take place for very many months. 

Justice Tipples’ ruling was based on “what meaning a reasonable and ordinary reader” would take away from the offending passages, which were presented in Ms. Belton’s book as fact, not opinion. (First rule of investigative journalism: without documentary evidence “It is alleged…” or “I believe…” or “In my opinion…”.)

The British journalism establishment made its voice and sympathies known on this matter by bestowing upon author Catherine Belton the 2021 Magnitsky Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism.

Sergei Magnitski was a Russian tax lawyer whom the Putin regime imprisoned, tortured and beat to death because they were displeased about what he had uncovered: rampant corruption at the highest levels.

Bill Browder, an anti-Putin campaigner who brought worldwide attention to Mr. Magnitsky’s plight, wrote in a Tweet: “She [Ms. Belton] has exposed the crimes of the Putin regime in ways that nobody has ever done before. She’s now paid a very dear price in their retaliation with multiple abusive lawsuits.”

A former senior official of Her Majesty’s Secret Service (MI6) told The Investigator he is hopeful the British government will soon crack down on the origins of money brought into the UK by Russian oligarchs (presumably to include Mr. Abramovich).

On another front (pertaining to our September column about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Montecito exile), our MI6 friend was also able to enlighten us on the nickname in James Bond circles for Prince Harry’s wife Meghan: “Me Again.”




Last June we wrote about Critical Race Theory, a new form of teaching that fixates on ethnic differences instead of equality. 

While this new-fangled “woke” curriculum has taken the nation by storm via pressure groups, indoctrination programs disguised as tutorials and school boards, parents have been storming back, a backlash that has resulted in a highly politicized U.S. Justice Department (under the leadership of U.S. Attorney General Merrick “Parent Threat Tag” Garland) targeting parents who protest (if much less aggressively than the rioters, looters and arsonists of summer 2020 and “smash-and-grab” criminal gangs in LA and Chicago) as if they were terrorists.

For example, while homeschooling her kids, a Grand Junction, Colorado mother named Sherronna Bishop recently answered the pounding on her door to an FBI swat team, who clasped her wrists in cold steel while searching her home after alleging she was suspected of “intentional damage to a protected computer,” which the mom claims to know nothing about.


Meantime, thousands of miles away across the pond, Robin Appleby, the Head of School at my alma mater, the American School in London, was forced to resign by that $40,000-a-year private school’s board of trustees after numerous parents complained that she had been indoctrinating her student body by imposing “the controversial divisive” ideology of CRT onto the curriculum and into classrooms from first grade through high school. 

ASL Circa 1972

Students claimed they were accused of “white fragility” and “white guilt” and lamented about “a culture of fear.”

At a November 3rd closed-door faculty meeting, some teachers reportedly referred to dissenting parents (many from racial and ethnic backgrounds) as caring more about anti-Semitism than racism and, ironically, one or more had referred to such parents as “Nazis.” 

A spokesperson for The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (in the UK) said, “There are claims that ‘Nazis’ were used. Although the school denies this extreme language referred to American parents, it does not dispute that these terms did appear in their discussion, which also featured language suggesting that anti-Semitism and racism are different.”

ASL: Circa 1972
Simpler times

The parents’ letter to trustees stated that “every subject, from art to literature to history, is now being taught through a prism of race and gender.” Even physical education classes were not immune; normal gym activities were replaced with “politics in sport discussions.”  

Ms. Appleby then extended her teaching “philosophy” beyond the academic curriculum to establish after-school clubs that segregated students—in addition to creating an “affinity group” of 13- and 14 year olds, for the purpose of seeking them to question their gender with a view, presumably, toward surgically altering it.

Her “resignation” is effective January 1, 2022.

Said a parent: “Although it has been presented as a resignation, Robin Appleby’s sudden and unexpected departure as Head of School is being viewed as a decision imposed unilaterally by the school’s board of trustees. Unfortunately, she leaves behind many senior members of the school’s administration and faculty who appear resolute in their determination of this racist and toxic ideology.”

In other words, a step in the right direction but more trash to take out. (We wish we were back there to assist.)

Bringing it home to Santa Barbara, oral arguments took place at the Court of Appeal 10 days ago in a case by which Fair Education for Santa Barbara contests the $1.7 million (your tax dollars) given by our unified school district to an organization that purports to “train” educators in CRT. The plaintiff claims that Just Communities Central Coast is an unworthy recipient of public funds because those doing the “training” are themselves untrained—and, more important, there was no bidding process involved.  

Breaking news on 16 December: That appeal has been denied.

This lawsuit was the first legal action in the USA against CRT indoctrination in K-12 education. 

“Purveyors of CRT are approved by woke school boards and paid for by taxpayers,” a person involved with this case told The Investigator. “CRT’s anti-police agenda is still being pushed by the Santa Barbara Unified School District, whose board, on December 14th, discussed removing all Special Resource Officers even though SROs have been successful in limiting violence and sexual abuse on school campuses.”

Audrey Nafziger, who works for the Ventura County district attorney and has been a sex crimes prosecutor for 27 years, told The Investigator (speaking as a Montecito mom, not on behalf of her office), “In my experience, removing SROs has significant ramifications for teens who experience sexual abuse.  SROs historically have been one of the only safe places teens can report sexual abuse and obtain protection.  Removing SROs from Santa Barbara County campuses will leave our most vulnerable students in the crosshairs of predators with nowhere to turn.”

And now we learn that Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) has spent over $600,000 on CRT training in the last calendar year, some of it on a grievance group called Allies to Accomplice, which offers schools “equity audits.” This expense comes at a time when SBCC is expected to show a budget deficit of $3.7 million. In other words, SBCC spends money it doesn’t have (and hopes to collect from you, the taxpayer) to pay for indoctrinating schools with CRT.




We caused a major local uproar with our column about the Bellosguardo Foundation and the Clark Estate.

Photo: Van Stein

Most of what we reported was accurate, some of it was not, a case of those running Bellosguardo doing themselves an injustice by not being communicative with us.

In the interest of fairness (because there are always two sides to every story), we feel an obligation to balance our reporting with their perspective.

It transpires that Bellosguardo was in no legal position to begin the process of opening the Clark Estate until December 2017 (when the estate was transferred to the Foundation). The Montecito debris flow of 9 January 2018, followed by COVID lockdowns, slowed an already interminably sluggish city planning and permit process that would allow them to do so. 

On a positive note, plans are underway to gain permits for work that must be done—parking, toilet facilities, etc.—to meet a City of Santa Barbara green-light for allowing public access.

Hiring out for private events (such as weddings) to bring in money for affecting such improvements is a necessary and accepted form of fundraising; the City issues permits for such access on an event-by-event basis.

A couple of questions remain unanswered but, hopefully, from this point on it is full speed ahead as Bellosguardo endeavors to open the Clark Estate for tours available to all and, eventually, public events that will celebrate culture and the arts.




We reported, in September, that Beanie Baby tycoon Ty Warner is keeping his hotels in Montecito and New York City shut down until a management agreement with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts expires and he can reopen without them. 

The Real Deal (New York real estate news) confirmed last month that Ty and the Four Seasons are butting heads: “Warner wants payments to the Four Seasons adjusted based on profitability, while the brand does not.”

Meantime, Ty has filed a $2.7 million lawsuit against Zilli, a luxury retailer that leased space on the ground floor of Four Seasons New York, for skipping out on rent during the COVID lockdown. (It’s not like Zilli could open and sell merchandise with the hotel closed and locked down!)

So: More lawyers and litigation for Ty as he continues to sing the blues (amid—we constantly hear—little sympathy for him around Montecito due to his shutdown of the Biltmore and Coral Casino and his indifference to career employees at both who have been left out in the cold for a second Christmas).


            THE BIDEN BUNCH


A new book entitled Laptop from Hell reveals that Hunter Biden and his uncle James entered into a deal with CFEC, a Chinese energy company linked to the government of China, for which dad/brother Joe was expecting a 10 percent cut.

Author Miranda Devine also reveals that CFEC chairman, Ye Jianming, gifted Hunter with a 3-carat diamond worth $30 million.

The U.S. State Department under the current administration has no moral right to exert pressure on other countries to clean up corruption and graft so long as blatant (and ignored) corruption takes place within our own rafter of turkeys at the White Wattle.




Response to our column on psilocybin’s comeback was mostly from folks wanting to know how to gain access and indulge. But because possession and ingestion of magic mushrooms is illegal except in a handful of cities that have decriminalized its use, the only advice we can offer to readers with such requests is this: Do your own research on the Internet focusing on those places—Oakland and Santa Cruz CA, Denver CO, Ann Arbor MI and Washington DC—where such use is lawful and MDs may be willing to assist and dispense.


            WORLD WAR III?


Last week we reported that Dr. Philip Petersen, a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer and Pentagon official, had departed to Eastern Europe to assess the mood of those he claims are on the frontlines if Putin invades the Ukraine.

From Warsaw, earlier this week, Dr. Petersen reported back to The Investigator: “I don't believe that the Poles will accept a Russian border with themselves; if the Russians enter Ukraine from the East, I expect the Poles to enter Ukraine from the West in alliance with Ukraine, with a guarantee, that is, for Ukrainian sovereignty.  This will lead to an automatic escalation from a border squabble to a European War.”




We had the largest avalanche of e-mail ever from this column one month ago, none of it negative, which tells us there are plenty of independent thinkers around town, not just sheeple hypnotized by a long-winded group fantasy that, if allowed to continue, will destroy democracy and bankrupt our economy. 

Or, as George Friedman wrote earlier this week with regard to COVID, “Demonizing everyone can be a disease in its own right.” 

Rod Serling had it figured 61 years ago when he broadcast a Twilight Zone episode called The Monsters are Due on Maple Street. Watch it to understand how fear and suspicion can cause once-friendly neighbors to turn on one another.

Here is a smattering of responses:

Irene: “You covered all the bases. I believe your article will wake up some who are still sleepwalking into what may be a personal hell. It is not every article that may actually save someone’s life, or the quality of their life, but this is one of those.”

Note: We’re blushing.

Eric: “Your analysis is brilliant.”

Gordon: “Unquestionably, one of your best ever. Exactly what is needed, a fact-based revelation of the truth.”

D.L.: “Please continue to dig, discover and spread the truth. We must break apart the mass psy-op being played out by the ruling cabal.”

Susan: “Thank you for everything you do for our community via news and information.”

Note: Our pleasure.

D.D.: “I’m grateful to see that truth-seeking journalists still exist. You give us hope in a world overrun by too many corporate-funded narrators.”

Julie: “I just wanted to say thank you for telling the truth.  I can’t even watch any news stations anymore because of how much they push the vaccine.  They never tell stories of the deaths and injuries.  No mention of our governor and his mysterious health issues.  It’s like we live in North Korea.”

Heather: “I am an acute care RN in Hawaii. I’ve watched everything unfold before my eyes exactly as your article depicts.”

Note: Scary.

Cheryl: “Thank you, brave soul, for Standing Tall.”

Note: Walking Tall starring Joe Don Baker (the 1973 version) was my favorite movie as a young adult; doing so has always been my objective.