Sunday, May 15, 2022


One:  Never trust the Communist Chinese leadership. Anyone who still believes that the Covid virus came from a wet market and not the Wuhan Lab is wet-behind-the-ears, batty and brainwashed. The Chinese leadership knew they had a situation on their hands and did nothing to contain it from spreading outside their country, determining perhaps that making the virus a global problem would create an even playing field, economically. 

Two: Do not trust our own government. Those within our numerous bureaucracies spin and outright lie to reach and protect their own institutional objectives and ever-rising budget.

Especially do not trust politicians, most of whom are overly influenced by overpaid K Street lobbyists who advocate for Big Pharma, High Tech and other industries that profited hugely from the pandemic. (Some politicians profit, too, using their insider knowledge to trade on the stock market.)  And now it transpires that lockdown and vaccine promoter Anthony Fauci has been receiving royalties from drug companies over the past ten years. Open the Books just reported that “more than $350 million in royalties were paid by third parties to NIH and NIH scientists.” Furthermore: “Anthony Fauci, the highest paid federal bureaucrat (2021 salary: $456,028) received 23 royalty payments.”

Three: Do not abrogate our needs to any foreign country; do not rely on the importation of what is needed and wanted by the American populace in their pursuit of happiness. Instead, create the right environment for corporate America to produce goods in-country so that we are self-sufficient on everything from foodstuff to oil to automobiles (and their parts) to electronics. Goods will cost more, but it is worth investing in ourselves, not those who resort to slave labor.

Four: Never lock down. The detriments that come from locking down far outweigh the benefits. The economy suffers and people suffer too, especially those folks who buy into the prevailing group fantasy (mass formation psychosis) and become transformed from reasonably intelligent individuals into mouth-foaming anxiety illness disordered sheeple.

Add this: Going into lockdown is lot like checking into a hospital; easy to get in, hard to get out.

However, there was one positive outcome from the lockdown:  Due to stay-at-home schooling via Zoom, parents finally discovered exactly what their children were being taught by radicalized teachers indoctrinated by mandatory “equity training” programs—and now a backlash is underway to expose the rot and take out the garbage.

Five: Masking has almost zero effectiveness against viruses. It is now a proven fact that the residents of states that did not mask up—Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, etc.—had the same number of Covid cases per capita than those who were rabid about masking (California, New York, etc.). N-95 mask may have some minor effect, but its general deployment is not worth frightening the hell out of everyone and causing stress that in turn suppresses the immune system.

Of all the addicts we’ve ever encountered, mask-aholics are the worst. Most of them are sniveling, snarly wokesters who believe everyone should conform to authoritarian dictums. You still see them bicycling or cruising in their cars wearing masks. Here is a message to all those unhappy to abide unmasked passengers and aircrews on planes:  Stay home. If you must go somewhere, drive to your destination. And when you get stung by the exorbitant price of gasoline, repeat after us: “Blundering Biden’s to blame.” 

Six: Governments should never give out free money. It costs society much more down the road than whatever short-term fix it may provide.  Witness 36.2% inflation the first third of 2022. It also opens itself to widespread abuse and criminal fraud, which brings us to…

Seven: PPP loans, one of the worst ideas of all, leading to what is now acknowledged to be the biggest fraud in U.S. history. Supposedly providing so-called “loans” to employees in need (and trusting their employer to distribute accordingly), allowed career criminals and lawyers alike (and employers) to cash in and walk away with hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars without any checks or audits conducted on those who claimed funds with fraudulent intentions, at society’s overall expense.

True story (we never lie, especially not in this column): Last Saturday evening we were sitting (and trying to mind our own business) next to a couple and their adult son at the bar of a popular downtown SB tavern and we overheard dad explaining to son (actually, boasting and laughing) about how, even though he did not need the money, he’d made a fortune from a PPP “loan.” Even worse, dad (from the New York/New Jersey area) was instructing son, going forward, on the importance of keeping an open eye to such opportunities. 

Add this: We have been investigating a wealthy Montecito resident who tapped PPP for a “loan” (free money) not just once but twice on behalf of employees who, we are informed, did not actually exist. There is a backstory to his alleged fraud, providing it significant context, and the only reason we have not yet published a column (already written) about this is because of social entanglements in our small town. We fear no one, and social entanglements should not matter to a journalist intent on writing the truth. However, in this rare case, we reluctantly deferred to familial sensitivities, though we continue to assess how best to proceed.

Eight: Do not tolerate experimental vaccines from manufacturers that accept no liability and hence no responsibility for negative outcomes, which were far more numerous than the powers-that-be want you to know (devastating data, willfully withheld).

News just in: Researchers at Charite Berlin, one of Europe’s largest hospitals, have determined that Covid vaccinations severely injured over half-a-million Germans. As time passes, and the truth outs, our children and grandchildren will be appalled by what went down in the name of science (or at least Anthony Fauci’s version of “science”).  Yes, the American public has been fooled (again).

Look, if a deadly new virus (man-made in a lab or otherwise) goes airborne, people are going to die, simple as that. Best thing is to identify who is most vulnerable (in the case of Covid, the very elderly, the obese, especially the very elderly and obese with serious secondary health issues) and protect them to the extent that they desire to be protected. In other words, the exact opposite of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s fatally flawed policy: Placing the very elderly in assistance living facilities infected with the virus and thereby ensuring certain death. (Again, never trust government, do your own homework, always question authority.)

Nine: Do not ignore therapeutics—such as hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin—just because government health authorities promote a misguided mandate (vaccination). It is ridiculous, even scandalous, that doctors have found themselves in trouble with the medical establishment for prescribing medications that effectively remedied their Covid-suffering patients. Yet California is now trying to legislate a law demanding that doctors who even discuss so-called “misinformation” with a patient or post on social media will be subject to medical board disciplinary action that may result in the loss of their license.

Ten: Take Vitamin D supplements, especially if you have dark skin and thus cannot absorb D naturally from sunshine. The Feds should have paid for everyone (about $35) to get their Vitamin D measured to ensure they have between 60 and 80 nanograms per millimeter (says our expert) instead of wasting money elsewhere.




We asked a few awakened persons to contribute their own suggestions of lessons learned. 

Here’s one: “It was much easier to propagandize Americans than I ever would have predicted.  Without anywhere close to the personal threats Germans faced for not cooperating with the Nazis, most Americans just lay down their God given freedoms, natural rights, cognitive skills and even their compassion for their own family and neighbors to align themselves with the very factions who want to control and oppress us. The response to the lockdowns was the first clue that the very fiber of our country had changed.  We saw people close their businesses, quit their jobs and relinquish virtually everything that they had worked so hard for with nary a complaint. 

“I learned that many Americans were no longer willing to stand up for themselves in the face of what became more and more obvious to all was outright tyranny.

“Then, there was the Pharma propaganda. On the one hand there were the people who immediately grasped the, shall we politely say, ‘weak science’ behind the jabs, and then there were those who couldn't wait to sign themselves up for the pharmaceutical sacrament. 

“Quickly these jabs fueled a war between free inquiry and slavish compliance, scientific truth and scientific lies, free speech and censorship, and friend versus foe.”  

Hard to disagree with that. Many of us who value our freedom remain awed by how effortless it was for government to unlawfully intrude on our livelihoods and liberties—and into our bodies.

But the more amazing thing was what we learned about our friends and families.

“Many people that you thought you knew you realize you didn't really know.  I am referring to those who feel they had the right to demand others accept a medical jab or felt that they were doing the Lord's work in censoring their neighbors or chortling among themselves in gleeful anticipation of seeing just desserts by wanting to forbid all medical care to those who refused the jab.  I know I speak for others too when I state that these last lessons were the most painful when the ‘good folks’ included one's own family.”


And this: “In 25 years of medical practice, I’ve never heard so many physicians casually mention in conversation how they no longer trust NIH, CDC or FDA.”

The sad part (as we wrote in an earlier column) is this: If a vaccine is invented tomorrow that prevents cancer, most people would not believe or trust it due to the incompetence and outright lies of those who produce vaccines then conceal whatever testing data does not fit into a narrative that makes them tremendously rich.

And this, from another source we hold in high regard: “Some doctors maintain that getting the so-called Covid vaccinations and boosters turn the recipients into spreaders. We got invited to a neighborhood New Year’s Eve party, but the inviters said that no one would be allowed who wasn’t vaccinated and boosted. We decided early on that we would not get the RNA-changing vax, so we were disinvited faster than we were invited. All the people invited to the party were vaccinated. Two days later over half of them came down with Covid.”


            THE UPSIDE?


We believed that the only way the world’s nationalities, faiths and races would unite is when a non-human enemy threatens human existence. Be it an alien threat from outer space or a microscopic plague, humanity only ever comes together when it has a common mortal enemy that must be defeated.

However, any such concept was tragically short-lived with the advent of Mad Vlad’s misguided, unprovoked and brutal invasion of Ukraine. And now that Mr. Putin is humiliated by Ukraine’s resolve, and cornered like a rat, he is fully capable of launching World War III, if only to ensure he is not toppled from within Russia.

Psychopathic Putin aside, perhaps people are now more appreciative of the things they took for granted—the simple pleasures of drinking and eating inside a restaurant with friends or attending a theater or concert hall—and they are kinder, better human beings for it. And perhaps there won’t be as much waste; greater care will be taken to use only what one needs, to make food and sundries last.

Everyone got to enjoy a monastic experience for a long while, a way to connect with family, reconnect with themselves and, if fortunate enough, awaken to a more spiritual existence.

Social distancing also provided the opportunity to distance ourselves (without being judgmental) from the gadflies and magpies whose company, generally, we’d prefer to do without, call it a re-booting of relationships.

In addition, people have (hopefully) grown into good personal hygiene, disinfecting surfaces and distancing from those who are sneezing or coughing. It does makes us wonder if, pre-pandemic, anyone ever—regularly or at all—washed their hands.

With such sanitary improvements in restaurants and on airplanes, we are all generally safer from flu and the common cold.

Most important, many among us learned that life is short; that the time is now to move out of the city and follow our dreams in a natural setting.




Discrimination is alive and well in Santa Barbara. 

We are referring to reverse discrimination.

Imagine, in a culture that supposedly values equality, being told that if you are a particular color you are banned from becoming a vendor at a public market.

Disgraceful, no? But this is exactly what is happening right here, right now, in our lovely town.

Don’t believe me? Visit and visit their “Vendors” page.

This is what you will find:

“What are the requirements for vendors?

“The vendor must be the sole owner, a woman, and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color).”

In other words, white women need not apply.

Any way you look at this, you’re looking at blatant discrimination.

We reached out to the founders of Mujeres Makers Market for an explanation. They did not respond.

Question: Where is the American Civil Liberties Union when you need it?

Answer: “Permanently closed” in SB (according to Google); elsewhere, bent—as usual—in the direction of their own radical agenda.