Sunday, September 25, 2022


Recent newsflash: Gavin the Gaslighting Gov is paying for billboards in seven pro-life red states (South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, Ohio, Louisiana, and South Carolina) offering free abortions in California.

Nothing is free, so what he means is this: The funding for such abortions would come from state coffers i.e., your money, not his. (And maybe your money for Gav’s billboards too.)

But most people know this tactic is not really about abortion rights—or your ever-increasing tax burden. They are smart enough (we hope) to see through this charade for what it truly be: A cynical publicity ploy to raise Gavin’s political profile across the national landscape. 

Because now that Gov. Newsom has practically ruined California, he would like to extend that courtesy, as president, to all 50 states. The latest news in this regard is that a Dem fundraiser close to Gavin’s family told The Wrap: “He is running for the presidency once Biden announces that he is not running.”

And the sad thing (for Dems anyway), is that he is probably a better candidate than Joe and Kamala put together. In fact, putting them together—as the Dems did—made our county’s appearance to the rest of the world even worse than otherwise. As in, cognitively-challenged-meets-inarticulation, a horror movie that plays every day in theaters everywhere.  (And if you don’t think the rest of the world gets it, just look where the President of the United States was seated at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, giving birth to a new nickname: “17th Row Joe.”)




Back to the gaslighting gov.

Would you want to elect a man president who, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, spent $1 billion (your money) on 200 million N-95 masks from a company (Blue Flame) in China (a country that willfully spread the virus they created)… masks that the FDA would not certify as safe?  

Thereafter, the State of California, with the gov’s blessing, wired an additional $500 million (your money) for masks to another company (BYD) that had been in business only three days and their bank account opened only one day before. 

How odd. 

Even the Los Angeles Times, which, when it comes to Democrat politicians smells roses, whiffed a skunk: “California Controller Betty Yee, a two-term Democrat with no formal role in the contracting process, worked behind the scenes to help a pair of political operatives land a deal that turned out to be the state’s most flawed.”

Add this from California Globe: “California’s lawmakers were not allowed to see details of the $1 billion [mask] contracts signed by Gov. Newsom. Legislators sent him a letter demanding details of the agreement, saying there has been too little transparency in spending those massive taxpayer dollars… to no avail.”


            A “HEY MARTHA" STORY

The Golden Gate City was once the country’s most beautiful metropolis. But now San Fran, where Gaslighting Gav was mayor before climbing the ladder into the Governor’s Mansion, has devolved into the very definition of a disaster area; he, having laid out a red-carpet for homelessness and crime in his s0-called sanctuary city, which we all know is not any kind of sanctuary for law abiding citizens but in fact quite the opposite. Call it “imperilment city” and you’d be much closer to the mark.  

Meanwhile, the residents of Martha’s Vineyard, while proclaiming a sanctuary-like philosophy reflected by slogans on their perfectly manicured lawns, have anything but when it comes to putting up more than a mere placard. They declined the opportunity to practice what they preach by hastily deporting (with help of the U.S. Army) their influx of 50 immigrants (less than a fraction of one percent of what border states are grappling with weekly) to a military base on nearby Cape Cod, where they remain imprisoned.

God forbid that impoverished people seeking humanitarian assistance should present themselves on the doorstep of wealthy liberals, whose predictable response was as simple as it was straightforward: “We don’t have ‘social services’ on our sanctified island.”

Or put a different way: “Piss off!”

Said Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis: “The minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door they all of a sudden go berserk.”




In another publicity ploy, and perhaps recognizing that Gov. DeSantis will likely be his key Republican contender for the White House in either 2024 or 2028, Gaslighting Gav wrote to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland about being “horrified at the images of migrants being shipped on buses and planes across the country.”  

It is awfully hard to swallow the notion that our governor is not aware that shipping migrants on buses and planes across the country, albeit in secret and in the dead of night, has become part and parcel of Joe Biden’s (lack of a) secure border along with no defined border policy other than “Trump wanted a wall and we hate him and his supporters, so there—no wall.” And thus, no border, to hell with whatever laws govern how to emigrate to the United States. The prosecution of laws these days are cherry-picked to compliment political agendas.

Which means the only difference between befuddled Biden and Gov. DeSantis is honesty. Ron DeSantis owns what he did. But the prez (on the rare occasion he gives a press conference) turns his back on reporters whenever they question him about his undercover desire to insert brand new would-be Democrat-voters everywhere he can get away with it—except of course in Delaware, his home state.


It must be somewhat embarrassing for Gaslighting Gav that in March 2020 his own in-laws, Kenneth and Judith Seibel, not only relocated their residency from California to Florida—thus escaping their son-in-law’s draconian pandemic restrictions—but also contributed to Gov. DeSantis’ re-election campaign. 

Geesh, you can’t make this stuff up.

But now back to Gavin’s goofy missive to the AG: “I strongly urge… an investigation into possible criminal or civil violations of federal law” (such as kidnapping).

The absurdity!

Of all the neighborhoods in which migrants might conceivably end up, Martha’s Vineyard is certainly one of the most advantageous zip codes for integration, assuming Vineyard residents truly believe in such integration and desire advancement for illegal immigrants. Ha!

In any case, it seems to us that Merrick Garland has enough on his hands with Hunter Biden’s laptop (suppressing it, that is) and the unprecedented raid he ordered on a former president’s home.




Governor Gaslight’s new policy seems to be this: Don’t let any opportunity for a publicity stunt to garner national attention go to waste. 

But here ‘s the problem with such a policy: The governor’s style and rhetoric may play in San Francisco and Los Angeles, but will it play in Peoria—as in Main Street, USA?  Yes, it may in Disneyland’s version, where Goofy presides, but not in Oklahoma, Indiana and most other states, whose residents perceive our governor’s countenance as little more than an irritating pimple on their backside.

Then, elevating himself to prospective presidential candidate status, Gavin tries (in yet another publicity stunt) to gaslight Ron DeSantis by challenging him to a debate. 

Big mistake. 

Florida’s governor would mop the floor with Gavin’s hair gel, which, as Gov. DeSantis points out, “is interfering with Gavin’s brain function.”

Indeed. Because Governor Gaslight seems to have forgotten something. 

Let us remind him. 

As mayor of San Francisco, in 2006, Gav initiated his own very own “kidnapping” program.

It was called Homeward Bound. 

And what was Homeward Bound created to do?  

It was designed to dispatch homeless people by Greyhound bus to the states from whence they came.

The hypocrisy. 

But would you expect anything more than hypocritical nonsense from a “leader” who, during the Covid-19 pandemic, locked down California public schools but permitted the private school his own children attended to remain open? 

Or allowed wineries—most especially his own, PlumpJack—to remain open in Napa County when indoor businesses in 19 neighboring counties were closed?

And when PlumpJack did finally close, due to media exposure, the company applied for and received $350,000 from the Paycheck Protection Program (free money from the federal government disguised as loans).

Chuckle, oink, barf.

And now the gaslighting gov is expected, by month’s end, to sign SB 107, a bill that would render California a sanctuary state for minors desiring “gender-affirming care,” which is a 1984-newspeak-like euphemism for mutilating the genitals of children who think they want (or have been talked into by “educators”) a physical gender change. Under this bill, the state’s courts can take custody of children who, without parental permission, want a sex change—and order it up for them. (This does not say much for our medical community which, in their endless quest for a bigger buck, willfully obliges.)

This bill, which was passed by our state assembly on August 29th and two days later by our state senate, is the most brazen attack ever by government seeking to usurp private family matters.


Shame on what California’s elected “leaders” are imposing on upon you and your children.

Shame on the medical community.

Shame, shame—and more shame.





It almost seems as if the apocalyptic movies of the last few decades were accurately prophetic, depicting cities overtaken by criminally minded proles while law enforcement is nowhere to be found. 

Why do lawmen who are pledged to enforce the law not do so? 

Because whenever they catch an offender red-handed, he/she is immediately set free without bail after which the district attorneys (of Frisco and LA) decline to prosecute. Repeat offenders have never had it so good as they brazenly raid shops and relieve citizens of their wallets and jewelry and accessories in broad daylight with no fear of retribution.

The 2005 movie Idiocracy, especially (called by the UK Guardian “a disturbingly prophetic look at the future of America—and our era of stupidity”) comes to mind. Little did that film’s producers know that they could have set their story only 17 years into the future instead of five centuries.




Those who once felt discriminated against (maybe still do) come to power with a big chip on each shoulder and with vengeance in mind against those they imagine have oppressed them, without understanding that their so-called oppressors have progressively equalized society to a point where the so-called oppressed get top jobs and thereafter lead the progressiveness, from which they have benefited, into reverse racism, which then becomes a regressive nightmare for everyone. 

And the moment someone points this out, they are fingered as a “white supremacist.”

As my former high school U.S. History teacher, later to become Colorado’s Commissioner of Education, wrote in The Hill: “The reality of our national polarization finds no better illustration than our leaders publicly declaring that the greatest threats to our national security are not to be found in Russia or China but, rather, among our own citizens who have been broadly tarred with the brush of racism, white supremacy and domestic terrorism."

Dr. William J. Moloney continues: “When our people are encouraged to think that our history is worthy of nothing but self-loathing, and when we come to see opponents as not just having different ideas but being defective as persons or by virtue of their race or class, dark days are ahead for a country that once plausibly saw itself as mankind’s last, best hope.”

He is referring to the sermon our somewhat demented president utilizing a demonic, Nazi-like backdrop delivered to the nation with scolding invective that incriminated, as subversives, American citizens who oppose him and his misguided policies.

Last weekend in McHenry, North Dakota, an intoxicated Shannon Brandt, 41, willfully slammed his SUV into 18-year-old Cayler Elliingson, killing him, then fleeing from the alley in which this deadly attack took place.  Mr. Brandt later surrendered to police, telling them, by way of justification, that the teen was a member of a “Republican extremist group.” He was charged with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a deadly accident. Then promptly released on $50,000 bond.

Some might construe the President’s wicked words as incitement to commit murder. 

Say it ain’t so, Joe.

He will not. He cannot. If words have energy to impel and compel (and they do) Joe is complicit in this tragic killing.


For a long while our cities were reasonably safe. 

But not anymore. 

Rampant, unenforced crime is ignored by a president who seems no longer to have any sense of reality and talks as if everything bad going on—to include massive inflation and a southwest border crisis—is the opposite and deserving of celebration. (Could it be that the dark lenses of his aviator sunglasses are secretly rose colored—or does he truly reside on the other side of the looking glass?)  

Now back to Gavin Gaslight. What will he do when Texas Governor Abbott and Florida Governor DeSantis start providing those who illegally enter their states with one-way bus tickets to Montecito, Carmel, and Napa Valley—or San Francisco, where 20,000 people already reside on city streets in tents and cardboard boxes?

In 2008, Gavin introduced a "ten-year plan" to solve homelessness.

How's that working out for you, gov?

The kind of hypocrisy regularly practiced by Gov. Newsom might have gone unnoticed in a bygone era. But social media (NOT the mainstream narrative news media) ensures that truth cannot be buried for long. 

And the backlash is a bitch, part of which is the mass exodus underway by California residents who desire to become EX-residents and thus no longer be financially burdened by Gaslighting Gav’s goofy spending habits.

But don’t take our word for it. Just check out the Los Angeles Times, which two months ago reported, “The number of LA residents leaving the city jumped from 33,000 in the second quarter of 2021 to nearly 41,000 in the same span of 2022.”

Where are they going?

Not elsewhere within the state (says the LA Times), but “places like Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Antonio and Dallas.”

And you can be certain, the last thing these folks want to see on a billboard is Gavin’s gas-lit face.

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