Saturday, January 21, 2023


Judging by email we received, our column reviewing news of the previous week was so popular we’re doing an encore this weekend.


“America, would YOU Vote for a Man who has Trashed California? Wokery, poverty, blackouts, sky-high taxes… Gavin’s West Coast Dream Would be a National Nightmare”


            Homelessness in Cali up 6.2%.

            Poverty up 11.6%.

            Deficit: $22 billion.

            Nation’s longest Covid lockdown.


News Alert: Under Gavin Newsom the Golden State has been devalued to copper.

If Governor Gaslight ever becomes President of the United States there is no reason to believe he would not try to extend his Reparations Task Force recommendations beyond California and give a million dollars to each and every African American in all 50 states.


Speaking of which…


"San Francisco Reparations Panel Pitches $5 Million—Each—to Black Residents"


Not to be outdone by the Copper State, screwy San Fran wants to elevate the amount it proposes to pay every African American from $1 million to $5 million —or more than three times that city’s annual budget. This comes as the City of Fog is projected to have a $728 million deficit over the next to years.

But that’s not all. The reparations committee also advocates wiping clean any debt owed by black residents who can prove they’ve lived in Baghdad by the Bay for 13 years or longer.

The odd thing about this: Cali was not even a slave state!

And now back to...


"Governor Slick: Gavin Newsom Seems to Have Been Created in the Same Lab that Made His Hair Gel”


We cannot say it any better than the writer of this piece:

“It makes perfect sense that the man caught during Covid partying maskless at the swanky French Laundry—in defiance of his own pandemic orders—is running this prelude to a presidential campaign accusing his opponents of being what he himself is: a cartoonish enemy of freedom, a failed leader whose authoritarian impulses generate paralyzing fears in his constituents.

“He can’t run on
substance. Not only did he fail to end homelessness in San Francisco, but thanks to the flow of drugs from south of the border, fentanyl encampments now litter the entire state. Criminality is skyrocketing, energy prices are out of control and eggs are missing from the supermarket, partly because—like everything else—poultry production is overregulated.”



“Drug-addled Hunter Biden Lived at Delaware Home Where Classified Docs were Kept”



Special Counsel Robert Hur is investigating Joe Biden’s illegal possession of classified documents and will most certainly seek to question Hunter Biden, disgraced son of Joe, over his potential access to secrets while living (and smoking crack) at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware house, from which Hunter spearheaded the family’s influence peddling business.



“Hunter Biden had Access to Dad’s Corvette that was Stored in Garage Where Classified Docs were Found”


An unearthed photo from July 2017 clearly shows Hunter behind the wheel of daddy Joe’s beloved Corvette with a pair of female passengers.

“Third Batch of Documents Found at Biden’s Delaware Home”


Ah, were these the docs Hunter brought in from the garage and haphazardly misplaced, same as he did with his incriminating laptop?

Again, we ask, where else did Hunter’s daddy stash highly classified material—and did any of those secrets make their way to China, which has been bankrolling the Biden Bunch through the University of Pennsylvania and a-sordid bizniz deals? (More on this coming up.)

“House Oversight Chairman Demands List of Names and Locations Linked to Biden Document Searches”


Americans have a right to know what classified documents Biden illegally kept in his possession. 

Congress, along with the Special Counsel, certainly have a right to know, given the corrupt business dealings of Biden’s son Hunter (extending to “The Big Guy” himself), if any of these secret docs link to countries (i.e., China and Ukraine) in which they were doing their dirty biz.

Even Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), ex-chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says…


“'Biden May Have Jeopardized National Security with Document Stash…'”

Bolstering the argument that Dems would like to see Joe removed as their candidate  and open the door to someone less mature (such as Governor Gaslight or Pete Buttigieg, under whose supervision the Department of Transportation has endured several major calamities including the FAA’s outage earlier this week that caused all flights nationwide to be grounded).

“I’d like to know what these documents were,” says Mr. Schiff. “I’d like to know what the [intelligence community’s] assessment is, whether there was any risk of exposure and what the harm would be and whether any mitigation needs to be done.”

(He is actually starting to sound somewhat intelligent.)

And it’s not just Shifty piling on but other...

“Democrats Lash Out Over Biden Classified Document Scandal: ‘An Embarrassment’"

In this story Rep. John Garamendi (R-CA) claims to know precisely what Biden uttered when told about the first batch of secret documents unearthed at the Penn-Biden Center.

“Oh ****!”

This response suggests Biden was thinking of himself and his political future (which no longer exists) as opposed to any concern about what he may have compromised, which means the old Capital Beltway adage applies: Do as you do but don’t get caught.

The other swampy gambit is, Who can we blame this on? As in, round up the usual suspects. Because it’s scapegoat time!

Which brings us to…


“Former Biden Assistant Questioned by Law Enforcement Over Classified Docs Repeatedly Appeared in Hunter’s Emails”


Meet Kathy Chung, executive assistant to Biden when he was vice president. Ms. Chung was recommended to Biden by none other than Hunter! 

Kathy is allegedly the person who packed up Biden’s belongings. She is currently director of protocol at the Pentagon, working directly for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

According to emails (courtesy of Hunter’s laptop) Kathy and Hunter go way back, which, to our thinking, potentially ties Hunter (again) to the classified docs kept illegally by daddy Joe in his garage (and elsewhere in his house).  



“White House Says There are NO Visitor Logs for Biden’s Wilmington Home Where Classified Documents Were Discovered Because it is a Personal Residence”


Little wonder Joe Biden goes there almost every weekend (52 trips and 164 days since moving into the White House): He can meet with whomever he chooses without media/public scrutiny. 

This makes it difficult to assess who may have had access to classified documents kept unlawfully on the premises.

But uh-oh for Joe because it now transpires that “The Secret Service DOES maintain records of visitors to Biden’s Wilmington House—conducting background checks which generate electronic records that are NEVER expunged.”



“Biden Smirks and Laughs at Reporters While Again Refusing to Answer Questions on Classified Files”

This evokes a memory of John Mills’ portrayal of a village idiot in the 1970 movie Ryan’s Daughter, along with this gem from John Heywood’s 1546 anthology of proverbs: There’s no fool like an old fool.

But Biden may not be smirking and smiling when he learns that House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has targeted the Penn-Biden Center for his investigation, demanding to know from it the names of Chinese donors to Biden’s program (which paid Biden $776,527 annually for appearing once a year) along with everyone who had access to the office where classified documents were illegally kept.

Explains Rep. Comer in his letter to UPenn President M. Elizabeth McGill: “The Committee has learned UPenn received tens of millions of dollars from anonymous Chinese sources when then-former VP Biden was announced as leading the Penn-Biden Center initiative.”

It was all one big happy family. For after becoming president Biden appointed Amy Guttman, UPenn then-president who brought Biden to the university, to be his U.S. Ambassador to Germany—and he also named then-UPenn Board of Trustees Chairman David Cohen U.S. Ambassador to Canada.

And the managing director of Biden’s UPenn program?

That would be Anthony Blinken, now secretary of state.

Something for everyone! (Including subpoenas.)

At a very minimum, China enjoyed a front-row window into (and access to) what would soon become Joe Biden’s foreign policy establishment.

“What Democrats Got Wrong About the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act”


Mindless miscreant Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) has vocally opposed this Act, which would prevent babies who survive abortion from being murdered. 

People (especially politicians and doctors) who advocate snuffing out human souls that valiantly survived the abortion procedure (with a clear will to live) are nothing less than sick in the head. Not sure they will rot in hell but they may be destined to be reborn again and again until they learn from their mistakes and, as such, may fall victim to abortion themselves—irony garnished with poetic justice.


“Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Linked to Strokes ‘But Officials Have no Concerns at this Time’”


Yeah, right—officials never had any concern other than concern about towing the Big Pharma/CDC (entwined) line and pushing hard to shoot an experimental vaccine (without manufacturer liability) and numerous boosters into the arms of everyone everywhere.

Truth is (and they cannot keep it contained because truth is already seeping out and will ultimately prevail) Covid vaccines are seriously flawed and have led many people to an early demise.

Was Lisa Marie Presley yet another vaccine victim? Of course her doctors will never say when she took her last booster but we’d bet and offer good odds that she was recently injected. Same with Bob Saget and Ivan Reitman and James Caan and countless others.

Yes, people die all the time, we all will one day. But what’s been going on since 2021 is not normal.

Covid was always (still is) about corporate greed and government control at the expense of everyone.

Tragically, the sheeple of the world united without hesitation, without questioning authority.  And now too many of them have paid (and will continue to pay) the ultimate price.

(Shame on Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, click link below.)


“Billionaires Want ‘Unvaccinated Pilots’ for Private Jets”


Apparently, billionaire owners of private planes do not want their pilots suffering heart attacks or strokes while flying them to Davos.


Which brings us to…


“Eco Group Slams Davos as Global Elites Arrive in Private Jets to Talk Climate Policy”


Well, well, well. The irony.

Greenpeace campaigner Klara Maria Schenk elaborates: “The rich and powerful flock to Davos in ultra-polluting, socially inequitable private jets to discuss climate and inequality behind closed doors.”

According to a Greenpeace study, 1,040 private jets landed near Davos during the week of the World Economic Summit, half of which were estimated to be conference participants unloading 7,400 metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

Compare that to the annual carbon footprint of one person (four tons) and you're seeing arrogance and hypocrisy through the roof and into the stratosphere (literally).

For perspective, here is an earlier news item (from last July) about our so-called “Climate Czar.”


“John Kerry’s Family Private Jet Emitted Over 300 Metric Tons of Carbon since Biden Took Office”



The jet: A Gulfstream GIV-SP.

The logistics: 48 trips, more than 60 hours and 715,886 pounds of carbon emitted into the air.

Explained Joe Biden in a tweet when he chose Mr. Kerry to be his climate envoy: “We will soon have a government that treats the climate crisis as the urgent national security threat it is.”

Chuckle, oink, barf.


“The Worry in Davos: Globalization is Under Siege”


Their stratagem is ultimately about the Strategy of Indebtedness: If everyone but the elites are in debt (mortgage, car financing, credit card) existence translates to living in servitude to their corporate masters, a 21st century version of slavery as the middle-class grows ever smaller until it devolves into a great divide between masters and serfs.

I’ve been following globalist activities since 1975 when I came across their earliest incarnation, the Bilderberg Group, which was supposed to be “secret,” though they prefer the word “private.” (Same deal, just semantics.)

The underlying globalist mission is to bamboozle the newer generations into believing that they have their best interests at heart.

Actual tweet from WEF
File under Numbskull

Trust us, they do not. 

They are driven by power and greed and they are growing their own interests from the seeds they plant into the brains of impressionist, idealistic adolescents.

And now, it transpires, these globalists are upset that their beloved global order (that would be the New World Order once denied and attributed to the imagination of “conspiracy theorists”) has been frayed by conflict and protectionism, what World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab calls a “polycrisis” that requires “reglobalization.”

Image: "Tower of Babel Collapsing"

(Critics of WEF call it The Tower of Babel but perhaps their nickname should be Tower of Babble—Klausie wanna a cracker?)

Representing the United States at WEF is the hypocritical “climate czar” John Kerry, which should tell you all you need to know about elites versus serfs: The former fly in private jets that dispense the dangerous carbon emissions they preach should not be dispensed and the latter are told to leave their cars at home and take a bus to work.

Of course, Mr. Kerry’s personal comfort is always foremost on his mind. 

Which is why he began his speech by thanking the WEF for providing him the “best room I’ve had here [Geneva] in 35 years.” (You can’t make this stuff up!)

“A Q & A with Klaus Schwab…"

In which Klausie acknowledges that Covid lockdowns caused a “mental health crisis.”

Might he be referring to Mad Vlad Putin, who while cowardly isolating developed a Hitler complex? Or perhaps Joe Biden, who demonstrated his own great courage (not!) by locking himself down in a basement for much of his presidential campaign and now appears to flirt with dementia?

Klausie’s point: Conflict (such as icing out Russians due to their brutal invasion of Ukraine) is  good for Raytheon and other arms manufacturers. But it’s bad for globalization.

However, Klausie remained optimistic enough in his opening address to demand that his disciples “master the future.”

And don’t forget what he means by this:  THEY are the privileged masters and YOU are the lowly serfs.

George Santayana is remembered for saying, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” amended by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. in his novel Bluebeard to “We’re doomed to repeat the past no matter what. That’s what it is to be alive.”

Mr. Schwab and those of his ilk should consider that we are not all sheeple (yet). We are alive—and mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. He would do well to remember the French and Bolshevik Revolutions.

And maybe he does, because…


“Klaus Schwab has followed George Soros in Suddenly Pulling Out of Davos Summit at Last Minute”

Mr. Schwab’s excuse is a “health complaint.”

Mr. Soros’s excuse is an “unexpected scheduling conflict.”

Hmm. So much for babble about “reglobalization” due to a “polycrisis.”