Thursday, January 19, 2023



After almost fourteen years our chihuahua has decided she no longer wants to be a bitch but has opted to undergo a gender change and transform into a dog.


We always knew Lulu, who now answers only to Louie, had male tendencies, from aggressiveness to cocking a leg (both legs, in fact).


Advances in transgender veterinary science compelled us to seek counsel from a canine psychologist.


During a recent psychiatric session, Lulu (now Louis) apparently made her feelings clear and, consequently, she/he is now on hormonal therapy while we seek a surgical solution.


Motivated by Lulu/Louis’ predicament, we also assessed our chameleon and determined that Lizzy, too, should definitely have been born a male and thus we now call him Larry. 

Hence our plea: Please consult your pets and allow them to make a gender choice based on their true identity.