Saturday, January 14, 2023


This weekend we’ll try something new:  A smattering of news media reports since last Saturday annotated with our own salient (if acerbic) exposition.


            “New XXB.1.5 COVID Variant ‘Most Transmissible Yet’”

Do they not get it? Nobody cares! They locked us down, screwed us around and shot us up with an experimental vaccine that—if various (and mostly censored) scientific studies are to be believed–may have killed more people than Covid-19 itself.

Consequently, no one trusts Big Pharma anymore. If  those greedy scumbags claim tomorrow to have discovered a vaccine for cancer, no intelligent person would have any good reason to believe them or take their jab.


            “COVID Still Being Used to Control Americans”


“They [the government] never really had anything quite this good when it comes to controlling the populace,” says former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, “and they’re trying to adjust that to figure out the way that they can maximize their control of the American people.”


Indeed, governments controlled things pretty well with Covid for much too long. But the backlash is always a bitch. Because only the most devoted sheeple will ever again allow themselves to be locked down and pin cushioned. And the rest of us have grown savvy to their ploys and remain on high alert for new control schemes.



            “The White House Covid Censorship Machine: Newly Released Emails Show how Officials Coerce Social-media Companies to Tow the Government Line”



Rob Flaherty, the White House “director of digital media” (yes, that’s really a job, your money) sent this email in 2021 to Facebook: “We are gravely concerned that your service is one of the top drivers of vaccine hesitancy—period.”

Facebook capitulated and agreed to block what they referred to as “often-true content”(!) simply on the basis that such truth “can be framed as alarmist and shocking.”

The tragic part here is that the truth in this case—an experimental “vaccine” not preventing Covid and instead causing myocarditis, coronaries, strokes and death—was, in fact, quite alarming and very shocking.

Simple rule of thumb from this point on: If you haven’t been jabbed, don’t bother; If you have been jabbed, evade getting boosted, especially if you’re an athlete. And don’t be bamboozled into vaccinating your children.


            “Experts Fear Elderly Billionaires Will Become Immortal and Compound Their Wealth & Power”


The wishful thinking of billionaires!

Can you imagine, having multi-billions in the bank, the biggest most luxurious yachts, a private jet to fly anywhere in the world and the best real estate in all of the finest locales—and still you have to transcend this earthly/human experience like everyone else?

It must drive them nuts!  

So now these billionaires—Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Mike Bloomberg—are investing their money into ways to stay alive if not forever at least until the age 150, not least so they can amass even more wealth.

But there is no escape: Six-feet-under or ashes in the urn is the ultimate leveler no matter how fabulous your lifestyle or how many toys you’ve collected.


“House Republicans to Vote on Bill Abolishing IRS, Eliminating Income Tax”


This plan calls for replacing income tax with consumption tax. As with death (see above), this fairer system of taxation would be the great equalizer. But don’t hold your breath. New taxes often get introduced but, not unlike communism, older taxes never go away. 


            “Vladimir Putin’s Troops Using Bodies of Dead Soldiers ‘Like Makeshift Walls’”



It is now estimated that more than 100,000 Russian soldiers have been killed warring against Ukraine with 300,000 more suffering life-changing injuries.

With so many rotting corpses (and blood on his hands), Mad Vlad Putin appears to see an opportunity: Use them to shield conscripted and untrained troops from slaughter in his frontline meatgrinder.


“Hundreds of dead bodies are piled on top of each other like makeshift walls,” says Ukrainian military intelligence official Kyrylo Budanov.”Russian troops use those bodies for cover.”


            “Moscow to Mobilize 500,000 New Conscripts”


Thus, many more dead soldiers will be used as a shield for trenches reminiscent of World War One.

Human life and suffering means zero to psychopathic Putin. He cares only about his own legacy, which is already aflame and destined for purgatory. A new online petition signed by 42,500 Russians states “We are against the dehumanization and normalization of death” adding that those in power “cannot be trusted.”

Meantime, oil prices continue to plummet, meaning less money for Putin to fight his wretched war, woe is he as former Russian Parliamentarian Ilya Ponomarev announces…


            “’Putin Will be Dead by October’”…


…and, adds Mr. Ponomarev, who is leading a movement from the Ukraine to transform Russia into a democracy: “Putin’s power resides in his position as an alpha male, as the person who is invincible. My forecast is he will not see his next birthday.”

We can only hope this forecast is correct, though nine months is a long way off and the sooner Vlad is gone, the better for everyone, Ukrainians and Russians especially.

“My personal dream,” continues Mr. Ponomarev, “is to see him in The Hague but I don’t think he will make it. Those around him will not allow him to go to The Hague because his testimony may be harmful to them. He will be killed.”



            “Pope Francis Calls out Putin for his Destruction as “a Crime Against Humanity”


Why has it taken the Pope so long?

Over 22 years ago former British Prime Minister called Putin out according to…


“Unearthed Video Clip in which Putin is Torn Apart by Margaret Thatcher”


It was 20 September 2000. Mrs. Thatcher was speaking at a college in Mississippi. “I looked at pictures of Mr. Putin, trying to look for a trace of humanity,” she said. “I should, within a few weeks, have known better. Because you know what happened?”

What happened was this: An explosion aboard the Kursk submarine during a Russian naval exercise in which 118 sailors perished because Putin did not act to save them and refused assistance from other nations.

“That my friends was very, very revealing indeed,” said Mrs. Thatcher. “They still do not value human life in the same way that we do. And I am relieved that Mr. Putin got so much criticism for what he should have done but didn’t.”

Little did Mrs. Thatcher know what would follow with assassinations, radioactive poisons and invasions.


            “Putin Replaces Russia’s Top Commander in Ukraine”


It seems like almost yesterday (it was three months ago) that Sergey Surovikin, a monster general nicknamed “Armageddon,” was placed in sole command of Russian troops.

Which means that even the man known for “total ruthlessness” could not pull off what Putin still calls a “special military operation” meant to last one week and continues, almost one year later, to deplete Russia’s military manpower and equipment.



            “Classified Documents from Biden’s Time as VP Discovered in Private Office”


The usual double-standard and hypocrisy is followed by the usual runaround of feeble excuses from minions, not Biden, who at first would not himself answer reporters’ questions about files containing intelligence on Ukraine, Iran and the UK. 

As Vice President, Biden did not even have the authority to declassify documents and thus most assuredly broke the law by keeping them in his possession. 

When Biden spoke with Scott Pelley of CBS last September, he said about Donald Trump’s possession of classified matter: “What data was in there that may compromise sources and methods?”

Good question, Joe. Was there any data in the files YOU kept that compromised sources and methods?

Biden added, referring to The Donald, “How could anyone be that irresponsible.”

Well, now he knows, firsthand.


            “Biden Aides Find Second Batch of Classified Documents at New Location”


Question:  How many batches are there in how many different locations?

Crime Scene

Well, just before this column’s deadline we learn that a second cache of secret documents was discovered in the garage of Biden’s Wilmington home in a storage space next to his Corvette.

Joe’s response to Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy at a White House press conference: “By the way, my Corvette’s in a locked garage, okay?”

No, not okay, Joe.

In fact, illegal.

If a common Joe in the military was found to have classified documents in his garage, guess what? He’d be court-martialed and sent to prison.

But as we know, in our culture today, quoting George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm,  “some animals are more equal than others.”


“It’s not like it’s sitting out in the street,” Biden continued, putting the other foot in his mouth.

This response/excuse is not only insulting to the American public but is as feeble as the president himself and actually downright demented.

Biden then added, somewhat absurdly given the gravity of the situation: “People know I take classified documents seriously.”

Not anymore, Joe!

It is now clear this breach was known by the Biden Bunch for two months but concealed from the public.

Clearly, a coverup is underway as the Biden White House scurries to obfuscate rather than answer questions about what was in docs or when Biden knew he had them in his possession.

Whatever happened to Woodward and Bernstein?

Katherine Graham and Ben Bradlee are turning in their graves as they watch how the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post demurs from aggressively investigating Joe Biden’s treacherous and potentially treasonous shenanigans and instead focuses on the difference between the files Biden retained and those retained by Donald Trump.


“The Real Message from Kathy Hochul’s State of the State? Escape New York"

Just when you thought governors could not get any worse than Andrew Cuomo, along comes Kathy Hochul, a cross between Princess Momby from Oz and Cruella de Vil.  At least Andy issued travel bans when a bad snowstorm was about to strike. Kathy failed to do so ahead of a blizzard in Buffalo that took 37 lives.

Now she has introduced big new government programs that cost a lot of brazhort.


And she also wants to ban gas stoves by prohibiting “the sale of any new fossil fuel-powered heating equipment by 2030.” This applies to residences and restaurants alike, no exceptions.

Are these people nuts or what?

“Jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong,” she told her gubernatorial

opponent Lee Zeldin last summer. 

Many New Yorkers are doing just that.

And while we’re on the subject of people voting with their feet…


“California Continues Chasing People Away” 


Texas has 471,000 new residents, courtesy of blue state politics and ruined economies.

Florida has 417,000 new residents, courtesy of blue state politics and ruined economies.

California has lost 343,000 residents. offers this explanation about why there has been a mass exodus from the left-coast Sunshine State: “Endless regulations, punitive tax rates, untouchable public-sector unions that are ransacking budgets and opposing reforms, shoddy school systems and decrepit (but pricey) public services, traffic congestion, absurd housing prices, growing crime rates, failing efforts to provide basic infrastructure and a sprawling homelessness crisis.”

Add the cost of natural gas: 5 times the benchmark U.S. price, “explained” in this email from SoCalGas: “An unprecedented cold snap across the nation in part has caused natural gas market prices in the West to more than double.” According to the bill we just received, doubled indeed.


“Chair of California’s Reparations Task Force Says Black People Are Owed $1 Million Each”


Based on this un-reasoning, every black person resident in California would become a millionaire overnight.

What about Native Americans? What are they owed for having their territory stolen out from under them? What about Japanese Americans who were unjustly interned during World War Two?

Reparations Task Force chair Kamilah Moore claims that providing these funds would boost the economy.

Moronic Moore seems not to comprehend that giving money away does not boost any economy but, on the contrary, causes the price of everything to go up, up, up.

Aside from anything else, if this nonsense comes to fruition there will be a mass exodus of black people everywhere in the United States funneling into California to take up residence and claim a million bucks (your taxes at work). 


“California Facing $24B Budget Shortfall Amid Economic Uncertainty”


And yet the Reparations Task Force thinks California should pay $1 million with money it does not have to every black person in the state?

Chuckle, oink, barf.



            "Gavin Newsom Takes Hits from Twitter after Heralding California as the ‘True Freedom State’”


Responded Phil Labonte to Governor Newsom’s nonsensical assertion: “Hi, New Hampshire resident here. I don’t pay income tax to my state, I don’t need permission to carry a firearm, I can collect rain water, and we have way less crime. We’re The Free State, thank you very much.”

Indeed, Phil’s got it right. According to the Cato Institute Freedom Index, New Hampshire is the # 1 freest state in the union. 

Sorry, Gav, but California ranks a dismal # 48.


            "Kevin McCarthy Removes Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell from Intelligence"

Rep. Swalwell’s presence on the Intelligence Committee was a mockery after his four yearlong association (2011-2015) and  sexual liaison with Chinese spy Christine Fang a.k.a. "Fang Fang."

"If you got the briefing I got from the FBI," said House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, "you wouldn't have Swalwell on any committee."


As for Adam Schiff: His incessant assertions that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign—now proven to be a hoax contrived by the Hillary Clinton Campaign—should most definitely disqualify this fool from serving on any committee remotely related to intelligence. 

Shifty Schiff is no better than the 51 intelligence community liars who signed a statement falsely claiming that Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop was fabricated by Russian intelligence.


“House Republicans to Form Subcommittee to Investigate the Government”


Pundits are already calling this the new Frank Church Committee, invoking the U.S. Senator from Idaho who, in the early 1970s, investigated the CIA.

When I was involved the U.S. intelligence community I bought into that culture’s collective belief that the Church Committee, which investigated and exposed CIA’s highly questionable activities such as assassinating foreign leaders (and our own, as it turned out), was destructive to our democracy.

But now, based upon how our intelligence services have devolved of late, say, since 2016, these agencies, especially the blatantly politicized FBI, have most definitely earned a comprehensive and intense congressional investigation.

That the Dems, including mindless miscreant Jerrold Nadler (Rep-NY), are having conniption fits over this (in a Congress they no longer control) demonstrates their fearfulness that transparency (necessary for a democracy) will reveal how politicized the intelligence services have become.

We say, unearth the decayed rocks and shine a spotlight upon the creepy crawlers beneath. And spray them with Bonide Captain Jack’s DeadBug Brew.


"Viewers Blast Golden Globes as ‘Woke’ as Ceremony Returns"


Tis the season of Hollyweird mutual admiration and self-congratulation, this year with a twist—as in twisted. Host Jerrod Carmichael said it best in his monologue: “I’m here because I’m black.”

Beyond that, according to viewers (many fewer than in recent years), the show was more snooze than woke.


"Mass Evacuations in Montecito as Storm Pounds with Intense Rain, Flooding"


Been there, done that. A lot of other folks have too.

Because, truth is, despite no one dredging this up in the media for all to comprehend, floods, mudslides and debris flows have been taking place in Montecito about five times each century—an every 20-year trend that now appears to have accelerated due to cyclical climate patterns.

Truth is, Santa Barbara County never should have allowed builders to construct houses so near to the creeks, especially Montecito Creek and the neighborhood east of Olive Mill Road below Casa Dorinda.

Truth is, local realtors should be more honest with buyers about historical and contemporary flooding and mudslide concerns; many appear to be guilty of omission in their greed for a commission.

But at least Ellen DeGeneres braved the elements and, instead of sheltering in place, stood beside a furiously flowing Montecito Creek to scold everyone about climate change and the importance of being nice to Mother Nature. 

Perhaps dear Ellen has not considered that Mother Nature is emotionally indifferent to all living species and it is just as easy for her to discard living beings as it is to create them.

Or, as Robert McKee, the master of storytelling, succinctly put it at his “Story” seminar I attended just over five years ago: “Mother Nature is not your friend.”




Reviewers are calling his book “Harry Kiri” because that is what hapless Harry appears to have committed.

Harry wrote in “Spare” that he killed 25 Taliban while serving in Afghanistan and thought of them as “chess pieces.” This not only enraged the Taliban, which now wants to put him on trial for war crimes, but also the British Army in which he served for suggesting the enemy was less than human. 

Former Royal Marine Ben McBean who served with Harry wrote on Twitter: “Love you #Prince Harry but you need to shut up!”

Instead of doing so, Harry insulted all Britons by spouting off and calling them “credulous” for reading and believing newspapers.

And this from the New York Post: “'Spare' is not so much ghostwritten as haunted. Harry believes he has found himself, ‘Spare’ shows he has lost the plot.”

If there is one unwritten cardinal rule within the Royal Family it is this: NEVER reveal private conversations. Says a royal source: “There has been a complete breakdown of trust.” Harry’s relatives back in Blighty “can’t engage [with Harry] because everything they say will be shared with the media, potentially for commercial benefit.”

And now—file under “Hard to Believe”—Harry and his missus have now turned the disgraced Black Lives Matter (bowel) movement against them. Says BLM organizer Imarn Ayton, Harry and Meghan “have proven themselves to be liars” after Harry told a TV interviewer that he had not accused his family of racism.

Jimmy Kimmel parodied what others are calling "The Battle of the Dog Bowl"—a physical altercation between Princes William and Harry during which Harry fell and landed on a dog bowl, which cracked and cut into his back, after which he called his therapist.

And he may need to place another call to his therapist now that Buckingham Palace has apparently banned him from attending in any official capacity his father’s Coronation this spring. Which means if he chooses to be present he’ll have to join the throngs of well-wishers along The Mall because the royal family he referred to as a “death cult” is unlikely to welcome him. 

Which brings us to…


            “Royal Family Thinks Prince Harry has been ‘kidnapped by a cult of psychotherapy and Meghan’”

Could Harry’s logorrhea be a case of brainwashing by psychotherapy? 

It certainly seems possible if not probable.

For instance, Harry writes that following a physical altercation with his brother he phoned none other than his therapist. And he claims in a TV interview he “had to” write that he killed 25 Taliban “for my own healing journey.”  

Question: Who is this therapist guiding Harry’s "healing journey"?

When Harry writes that it was his duty to provide, “if necessary, a spare part,” to his elder brother William, “a kidney perhaps. Blood transfusion. Speck of bone marrow…” it sounds awfully like he was programmed to believe this.

Given that "recollections may vary" (said Queen Elizabeth II before her death), one has to wonder if  repressed memory therapy (largely discredited) plays a role in Harry’s psychiatric “healing” treatment. This might also explain the alarming number of errors that fact-checkers have discovered in his kiss-and-tell.

Says an astute source we know: “Don’t be surprised if it turns out that the shrink had a role in organizing the selling of this to Netflix etc. Part of that cult includes taking their scoop of ice cream at the expense of the patient’s life. The worst thing you can do is take away that patient’s support system such as destroying his connection to his family, friends and military buddies. Unless, that is, you have an ulterior motive such as money, power and California cult liberal influence.” 

More and more, we daresay, His Harryness looks and sounds like a Manchurian Candidate.