Tuesday, February 28, 2023



“Vlad Silenced…”


If only… 

But in this case…


“Historic Speech Suffers Mystery BLACKOUT Across Russia as State TV Channels Go Down ‘After Huge Hack’”


Poor putrid Putin, embarrassed and humiliated over and over again.

In his place, state-run TV put up “Mistake” title cards.

They got THAT right. Putin is not only a mistake but single-handedly makes a good case for abortion.


“Putin Warns of ‘GLOBAL WAR’ & Makes Veiled Nuclear Threat in Deranged Speech as he Doubles Down on Ukraine”


Mad Vlad delivered what is best described as a one hour 45-minute diatribe of hatemongering, during which he not only blamed the West for his war on Ukraine (more aptly, the “War of Putin’s Ego”) but also claimed (for internal consumption) that Russia’s very existence is threatened by the West.  What he really means is, this wicked war of his own making is an existential threat to himself.

The good news:  Smart folks inside Russia—his top spies, apparently—have come to understand that he is a “bullying narcissistic liar.”

Not only that but Putin’s supposed “supporters” have become bored with the same old rhetorical rant, indicated by…


“Putin’s Elite Caught Yawning and Even Sleeping During His Marathon Anti-West Address” 

The focus of this piece is former Russian president, uh, stooge, Dmitry Medvedev, who was probably recovering from yet another alcoholic binge.

And the oligarchs couldn’t be too happy either as…



Russia’s Riches Oligarchs Lose $67B Since Putin Invaded Ukraine”


They once had the run of the globe, circling it in super-yachts, Gulfstream jets  when not resting their bones in palatial homes in London, NYC, Miami and elsewhere. Now they are in hide-and-seek mode and their world has shrunk.

You’d think the oligarchs would join up with Russia’s discomforted political elite and strategize a final exit ramp for the man who has wrought misery upon them and exported hell to the Ukrainian people, many of whom have blood ties to Russia.


Russia Braces For Civil War Chaos as Kremlin Opposition Votes for ‘Revolutionary Act’”


Again, if only…

But in reality, this is Putin’s worst nightmare: Being dragged through the streets like Libya’s Qaddafi Duck then sodomized with a bayonet before getting shot to death...

... or executed by firing squad like Romania’s Nicolae Ceausescu. 

The Congress of People’s Deputies (CPD) is comprised of anti-Putin Russian politicians desirous of overthrowing Putin the same as the Bolsheviks overthrew Czar Nicholas II.

“Only through the use of force can anything be changed,” said Andrey Sidelnikov, a long time Russian politico and anti-Putin activist.


Belarus’ Foreign Minister Reportedly Died by Suicide After Meeting Putin Officials”

Add to serial killer Putin’s execution list Vladimir Makei, 64, who wished to strengthen relations with the West and died unexpectedly four days after returning home to Minsk from meeting Russian officials in Armenia, either by “suicide” or “heart attack,” nobody can get their story straight, though exiled Russian businessman Leonid Nevzlin claims it was from poison developed in a Russian intelligence (FSB) lab that makes a death appear as failure or stroke.





According to one of our intel sources in D.C., Putin’s mood turned sour upon learning of Joe Biden’s visit to Kyiv, apparently spoiling his day and needing one of his doctors to provide mood enhancing meds.

Putin’s much desired alliance with China has met two stumbling blocks: 1) He will not agree to a Chinese Peace Plan that calls for withdrawal of Russian troops seized since February last year. 2) He will not provide the Chinese with a leadership succession plan. And because China’s Communist Party plans proactively far into the future (unlike the USA) this is unacceptable to them.

With regard to point two, China is not the only unhappy camper over Putin’s determination to remain in power until the end, whatever the end may be. Russia’s power elite, starting with the desperate despot’s most likely successor, Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, is now in uproar over what they call Putin’s “snot smearing.” According to a Kremlin insider, Mad Vlad’s speech was “a neutral and gray set of words and, for the most part, about nothing.” 

Putin has not yet decided, we are told, whether to pursue a massive offensive in Ukraine by March 5th or withdraw to a defensive posture in territories already held. 

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi showed up in Moscow after soiling the Munich Security Conference and literally took the upper hand, making Putin reach for his own.

My own analysis is that China is in no hurry to come to Putin’s aid militarily but instead has a two-prong strategy: 1) Keep Putin hopeful so that he does not resort to tactical nuclear weapons (which no one wants except Putin) and b) Remain on the sidelines until a clear victor emerges (a tactic known as hedging one’s bet).

This is precisely what the Stanleys did at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. Their army stood on a hill watching as King Richard III went at it against Henry VII. When it was clear Richard would be defeated, they charged down the hill to help Henry finish the job. It was my ancestor, Sir William Stanley, who reputedly picked up dead Richard’s battered helmet from beneath a bush, plucked out the crown within and placed it upon Henry’s head thus commencing the Tudor reign.


“Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth: Ex Veep’s $30 Billion ‘Eco-friendly’ Investment Fund Includes Holdings in Gas-guzzling Companies Like Amazon and Microsoft.”


This is called putting your money where his mouth isn’t.

Onstage, Al is a climate control freak.

But behind the curtain, more than one-third of his Generation Investment Management investments are reportedly with companies that have steadily increased their carbon emissions.

Perhaps Al needs another listen to the song I Need to Wake Up from An Inconvenient Truth, his 2006 documentary on climate change.


“Lab Leak Most Likely Origin of Covid-19 Pandemic, Energy Department Now Says”


Ya don’t say? Ha! That’s what smart folk believed three years ago—and got ridiculed by mainstream media.


“Three Years Late, The Lancet Recognizes Natural Immunity”


Sixty-five studies reveal that natural immunity against Covid is equal to two doses of mRNA vaccines.

“SNL Goes Anti-Vaxx: Host Woody Harrelson Likens Pfizer & Moderna to DRUG CARTELS”


Again, the truth is finally going mainstream (and the backlash is a bitch).

One day we will look at the Covid vaccine with the same optics we now view lobotomy.

Which brings us to…

“The Miracle Cure: A Brief History of Lobotomies”


This piece tackles the very sad case of Rosemary Kennedy—daughter of Joseph and Rose Kennedy, sister to President JFK and Senators Robert and Edward—who in November 1941, the tender age of 23, underwent a lobotomy at the insistence of her father.

The late Bertram Brown, a psychiatrist and head of the National Institute of Mental Health though the 1970s, called it, “The biggest mental health cover-up in history.”

Let’s uncover it.

Rosemary was not mentally retarded, as Kennedy lore suggests. But even if she were, Joe’s solution for dealing with a situation we now call mentally challenged was unforgivable.

The procedure took place at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D.C. where America’s pioneering lobotomist, Dr. Walter Freeman, practiced his favorite psychosurgery technique, usually with a bespoke gold-plated icepick. (Dr. Freeman had adopted—some say stole—this  technique of severing the frontal lobes of the brain from a Portuguese neurologist named Antonio Egas Moniz, who called his invention a leucotomy.)

Lobotomy was never supposed to be imposed on the mentally retarded. It was designed for the mentally insane, as a means of relieving chronic aggression and is known as a medical procedure that “turned lunatics into idiots.”

Rosemary was not insane. She was temperamental, possibly depressed, with a lower-than average IQ. As such, Rosemary became an embarrassment to her father, who held high political ambitions for his four sons. Her tantrums and promiscuity deeply troubled Joe, who fretted she might become pregnant and shame the family.

So while Rosemary’s mother, Rose, was away (and without her knowledge), Joe the Bootlegger consulted Walt Freeman, who agreed that a pre-frontal lobotomy was a fine fix for a young woman in the prime of her life who was having perhaps too much fun. It would, Walt promised, put an end to her “mood swings that the family found difficult to handle at home.” (Part of the reason Rosemary was difficult to handle at home was because her siblings—all of higher intelligence—treated her like a moron.)

While the patient gaily sang “America the Beautiful,” neurosurgeon James Watts—supervised by Walt—cut at Rosemary’s frontal lobes with an instrument not unlike a butter knife… until the lyric she sang became incoherent.

The procedure worked!

No more mood swings, no more tantrums, no more promiscuity. And most important, no more embarrassment for Joe.

Also this: No more personality (she’d had lots of it). No more ability to think or speak. A young vibrant life taken, sacrificed to pathological ambition.

Walt Freeman liked to say, “Lobotomy gets them home” as he traversed the country  in his lobotomobile goading the keepers of asylums in 23 states to present to him their unruly for treatment.

But Rosemary did not go home.

Incapacitated, with a developmental age of two, Rosemary was cast out to a special care facility in Wisconsin—and Joe all but erased her existence from the family. 

And that is where Rosemary “lived” until she passed 17 years ago at the age of 86.


“Arkansas Cops Rule Suicide in Death of Clinton Aide Linked to Jeffrey Epstein”

Who: Mark Middleton


When: 7 May 2022 

Where: The Heifer Ranch, Perryville, Arkansas, on land owned by the Clinton Presidential Cente.

How: Middleton, then 59, was found hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast hole through his chest. (No one’s sure if he hung himself first then shot himself with a shotgun or blasted his chest before hanging himself, though at least they’re certain he’d been hanged with a cheap Dollar Store extension cord and shot with a Stoeger 12 gauge coach gun found 30 feet away).

Why: Middleton was Bill Clinton’s link to Jeffrey Epstein, who met Bubba at the White House 17 times between 1993 and 1995.

A source told Radar Online: “Mark knows nothing about guns. He hated guns. And he couldn’t tie a noose to save his life. He was the least physically skilled person I ever met. His death scenario is completely implausible to everyone that knew him.”

So very many people associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton have met untimely, strange and mysterious deaths, including the “suicide” of White House counsel Vince Foster and “random murder” of Seth Rich, a staffer on the Democratic National Committee. It has become a sport on the internet to keep track of these deaths under the banner Clinton Body Count Conspiracy Theory.

But the death of Middleton, one of the strangest, is now officially ruled a suicide by Arkansas. (When I was in Washington D.C. through the 1990s I heard intel gossip to the effect  that a Department of Justice team investigating Whitewater returned after several weeks of digging in Little Rock and was asked by superiors what they found. Their reply: “Our case is the United States v. The Whole State of Arkansas.”)

Mark Middleton first piqued my interest in the late 1990s when intelligence circles buzzed with his name in connection with Bubba Bill’s open door policies with China as the great sellout of American manufacturing began.

And then it turned out Middleton also opened the door for disgraced pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (also a “suicide”—or that’s what sheeple believe) to enter the White House and meet Slick Willie on multiple occasions. Middleton also flew on Epstein’s “Lolita Express,” the jet Clinton boarded an astonishing 26 times for flights to what is now dubbed “Pedophile Island.”



Don’t bother walking a mile in my shoes. That would be boring. Spend 30 seconds in my head. That’ll freak you right out.